REVIEW: HyperX FURY Ultra Mouse Pad, a perfect accessory for gamers

REVIEW: HyperX FURY Ultra Mouse Pad, a perfect accessory for gamers

The HyperX FURY Ultra mouse pad is a stylish accessory to provide the best gaming experience

A good mouse is a device that many PC and notebook gamers take into account when they want to set up a setup to play. However, it is also necessary to have a quality mouse pad, almost the opposite, your gaming experience can be impaired if the mouse is to slide on an inadequate surface.

Thinking about it, the mouse pad HyperX FURY Ultra a quality accessory that will transform your mouse performance. In this article you can check a complete analysis of this component so essential to have a precise movement and quick response during your gameplay.


The appearance of HyperX FURY Ultra impresses when analyzed carefully. At the edges of the accessory there are a variety of LEDs and a long braided cable extended from the top, making it look more like a keyboard than a mousepad. The power connection is made via a USB cable, connected directly to the computer / notebook. THE FURY Ultra It is made of rigid plastic, which means that it sacrifices easy transport over an aerodynamic surface, which optimizes speed and accuracy.

HyperX FURY Ultra Mouse Pad With a simple design, HyperX FURY Ultra has bright LEDs at its edges

Although the appearance of the mouse pad is quite standard – a flat, black surface with the logo HyperX in the lower right corner – the lighting that sets you apart from the competition. 360 RGB LEDs are fully customizable through a color wheel preset. And, like most RGB peripherals, you can further adjust things with the software HyperX NGENUITY.


THE HyperX FURY Ultra it has a refined combination of speed and precision that works excellently. The mouse slides effortlessly across the surface and, even after hours of playing, there was no evidence that the mouse pad had ever been touched. It provides enough surface area to perform complete movements without fear of jumping, and the grip underneath keeps you stable, even with the most irregular movements.

Mouse pad positioned on the desktop table The mouse slides lightly across the mouse pad and offers a high level of accuracy

DPI settings vary between low (400) and highest (1200). In both configurations it is possible to move and examine any game environment quickly, but it is still possible to make some occasional adjustments to provide more accuracy. Every movement feels natural and consistent, and there has never been a time when the mouse suddenly choked or stuck to the surface.

The only concerns the user may have with the FURY Ultra they are the size combined with the hard surface of the mouse pad. Sufficient space is needed to position the mousepad, so you will probably need to move your table setup. In addition, some type of wrist rest would be ideal, as the hard plastic starts to hurt the wrist a little after a few hours of play. These are just minor complaints, but performance pays off.

HyperX FURY Ultra Mouse Pad As it is a large accessory you need a good space on your desk to position the mouse pad


it is possible to acquire the HyperX FURY Ultra from R $ 449.00. It may seem a bit salty for just a mouse pad, but you need to take into account the experience that the FURY Ultra can provide to you during your games matches. If you are looking for precision and light movements for your mouse, this mouse pad is an investment that you need to consider.

HyperX FURY Ultra technical specifications

Dimensions 359.4 x 299.4 mm
Thickness 5.0 mm
Weight 544 g
Material Plastic
Cable type Locked
Cable length 1.8 m
Light effects RGB LED lighting
Design Dura 360 RGB Surface
Warranty Free technical support for 2 years

If you were curious to know the other products of HyperX, visit the company's website and find out what equipment can enhance the gaming experience for both console users and PCs and mobile devices. Whatever the skill level and type of game, the HyperX caters to all players.

  • Design – 8.5 / 10
  • Performance – 9/10
  • Connectivity – 8/10

8.5 / 10


HyperX FURY Ultra takes the HyperX mousepad line to the next level. Its micro-textured rigid surface and natural rubber base allow for incredible accuracy, speed and stability. The lack of a wrist rest can cause discomfort for hours of straight play. Although it is a little expensive, it is a perfect long-term upgrade for other gaming peripherals.


  • Simple but elegant design;
  • Comfort and high precision of movements.


  • Lack of a wrist rest.