REVIEW: HD WD Black P10 is the storage solution made for hardcore gamers

REVIEW: HD WD Black P10 is the storage solution made for hardcore gamers

The WD Black P10 combines premium design and performance to deliver the perfect solution to the storage problem of console gamers and PCs

After the exponential growth of the digital games market, the lack of storage has plagued the gamers plants that take advantage of those seasonal discounts to increase the games library. Thinking about it, the Western Digital launched the compact HD external WD Black P10 to expand the storage capabilities of your Xbox one, Playstation 4 or PRAÇA.

On consoles, however, it does not matter whether the user prefers to purchase their games on physical or digital media, as installing the game on internal storage is mandatory and often makes the user have to delete a game to make room for a new one. .

WD Black P10 caseWD Black P10, an external hard drive designed for gamers

However, what is the biggest advantage of acquiring the WD Black P10 gives Western Digital instead of a HD “common” external? We received the model 2 TB for testing and you can find the answer in our full review.


O WD Black P10 has a sober design in matte black with reliefs that refer to a continer, something very industrial to fit the style premium gamer that proposed. The upper part of the housing is made of metal and brings robustness to the product, in addition to contributing to the internal temperature control of the HD. The lower part of the housing is made of a very resistant plastic that aligns itself with the rest of the product in a very organic way.

WD Black P10 designMade of metal, the industrial design of the WD Black P10 is stylish and very resistant

The product has dimensions of 4.65 x 3.46 x 0.5 cm, which shows to be much more compact and thinner than the competitor HD Expansion, gives Seagate, for example. O WD Black P10 fits in any pocket without disturbing, since it only weighs 140 grams.

O HD gives Western Digital has only one entry Micro-B pattern of HDs external connections and a LED white that indicates when there is some reading and writing activity taking place on the product. O LED not too strong and blinks in a faded and simple way, not disturbing in darker environments.

WD Black P10 LEDThe white LED on the WD Black P10 is simple and shows when the device is active

The only accessory that comes with the product in the packaging is the cable Micro-B for USB-A that has 40 cm of lenght. The size is sufficient to rest it in a safe place close to your console or PRAÇA. In addition, the product comes with manuals that show how to connect the WD Black P10 simply and quickly.

What is needed is the inclusion of a connector or an extra cable that has the connection USB-C. As it is a product compatible with notebooks from Apple, users of a MacBook Pro most recent product will not be able to use the product without an extra connector due to the absence of a port USB-A standard.


O WD Black P10 in 2 TB has a transfer fee of 140 MB / s and operates at a speed of 5,400 RPM. O HD does not need an external power source, being powered by the cable itself USB.

WD Black P10 cableThe Micro-B to USB-A cable that comes with the WD Black P10 of excellent quality

Even if it is a product gamer, O HD can be used to store any file, as it is compatible with PCs. Factory formatting is exFAT, which allows you to store from small documents to gigantic video files.

However, the WD Black P10 It is not done for those looking to store their files safely, since it has the absence of the file encryption. Because it is a product gamer, the company's choice of not including the justified feature, as current consoles do not have any method of reading and writing encrypted files. O HD gives Western Digital it is not recommended for those who want to store more sensitive data.

PC use of the WD Black P10The WD Black P10 can be used to store any file due to its compatibility with PCs and exFAT formatting

To talk about more technical performance data, we use the benchmark tool CrystalDiskMark to test the read / write speed in MB / s. We also timed the opening time of games compared to a HD "common" Elements of 2 ALSO, also from Western Digital. See the results:

CrystalDiskMark – Reading and writing

CrystalDiskMark - Reading and writing

Testing with the tool CrystalDiskMark uses sequential and random data of different sizes in different transfer modes. Here the software tests the HD in situations closer to reality to determine its power of reading and writing. As seen in the graph, the WD Black P10 performs significantly better than HD Elements in 2 TB.

Speaking of numbers, the WD Black P10 reached an average of 137 MB / s reading against 122 MB / s of Elements. In writing, an average of 131 MB / s was reached against 103 MB / s the most common HD. These results show that the P10 easily reaches 140 MB / s promised by the manufacturer and is superior to a HD common external speed.

Game loading tests

Game loading tests

In this test, we put to test its real purpose as a HD Gamer, timing the opening speed of some games to your home screen. These tests were performed on the PC with the games installed on the WD Black P10.

As seen in the graph above, the game Overwatch it took 36.46 seconds to get to your home screen while the Elements in 2 TB it took 40.87 seconds. J in the game The Witcher 3, O P10 it took 21.17 seconds it's the Elements 24.38 seconds.

The results are not so different and the difference in the opening of games between HDs was on average 4 seconds, the minimum gain compared to a product no-gamer.

game opening time compared to a Kingston NVMe SSD

In the above test, we timed the opening time of games against one NVMe SSD gives Kingston, model A2000 in 1 TB. We emphasize that it is unfair to make such a comparison since, due to technical limitations of the disk and needle mechanism found in the P10, times will be very different.

As can be seen in the graph, the game loading time Overwatch it was just 14.65 seconds, which is very fast compared to 36.46 seconds of P10. J The Witcher 3 just loaded 9.23 seconds, it's the P10 more than 10 seconds apart with 21.17 seconds.


O WD Black P10 gives Western Digital performs within the expected for a HD external made for gamers. Its results are very close to what the company promises, being a product that meets all your storage and portability needs.

In all, the product was tested by 1 week as the primary storage device for a PRAÇA Gamer and, in addition to the games mentioned in the tests above, we also ran Resident Evil 2 Remake, Dead By Daylight and Quantum Break with excellent performance, without gagging and locking. As seen gamers here in the newsroom, we can say that the HD surprised that it is a great solution for those who want to transport their games between stations without having to download them again, just needing to log in to the store where the game was purchased.

WD Black P10 connectionThe WD Black P10 is the storage solution for gamers that combines high performance and portability

However, in an era where SSDs are becoming increasingly democratized and becoming essential parts of gamers more hardcore in PRAÇA, it is difficult to think if the WD Black P10, costing R $ 580.00 in the model 2 TB, will be the user's first choice to save and run their games, as most players value speed rather than portability.

However, it is noteworthy that console players who purchase the WD Black P10 they will not be making a bad choice. In addition to the look that matches the designs of the 8th generation, the solution aligns with the performance of the internal storage of the consoles.

O WD Black P10 can be found on the official website of Western Digital in Brazil.

WD Black P10 technical specifications

Interface USB 3.2 Gen 1
Capabilities 2 TB, 4 TB, 5 TB
Connector Micro B – Type A
Dimensions 4.65 ″ x 3.46 ″ x 0.5 cm
Maximum transfer fee 140 MB / s – Read130 MB / s – Write
Operating temperature 5C to 35C
Compatibility Xbox OnePlaystation 4, (4.50 or higher) Windows (8.1 or higher) macOS (10.11 or higher)
Weight 140 grams250 grams (with packaging and accessories)
Manufacturer Warranty 3 years
Color black
Price R $ 580.00 (2 TB) R $ 838.00 (4 TB)

HD WD Black P10 is the storage solution designed for gamers

  • Design – 10/10
  • Connections and technology – 9/10
  • Performance – 8.5 / 10
  • Security – 8/10

8.9 / 10

Final considerations and cons and cons

The WD Black P10 is the external hard drive made for hardcore gamers who want to combine premium design with portability and performance.


  • Plug and Play
  • Good gaming performance
  • 3 years warranty
  • Premium and stylish design


  • Lack of encryption
  • Performance similar to non-gamer hard drives