REVIEW: Galaxy A51 brings good cameras in a complete middleman

REVIEW: Galaxy A51 brings good cameras in a complete middleman

The Galaxy A51 is the complete package for those looking for an intermediary that won't let you down.

THE Galaxy A51 is part of the new line A of Samsung and arrived in Brazil earlier this year. The smartphone's main focus is the screen, camera and battery, promising a good experience with great cost-benefit in the category of intermediaries.

However, if the Galaxy A51 deliver it all? You can check it now in our complete analysis.

Design and canvas

The big change in the design of Galaxy A51 in relation to its predecessor Galaxy A50 it was in the set of rear cameras, which are now housed in a rectangle at the top left. In addition, the plastic rear gains a great prominence due to its color that gains new tones depending on the lighting of the place and the crossing of lines that give an air of elegance and modernity in the smartphone.

Galaxy A51 Design The design of the Galaxy A51 is one of the most beautiful and modern among middlemen

Even with its plastic housing, the Galaxy A51 it looks very sturdy and has a good grip on the hands, perfect for those who like to use the smartphone with just one hand.

THE Galaxy A51 has two buttons on the right side, one for volume control and another hybrid, on the left side has the chip / micro SD drawer and on the bottom has two inputs, a P2 for headphones and a USB-C for charging and transferring of data.

One of the great highlights of the Galaxy A51 your screen Super AMOLED 6.5 inch resolution Full HD + (2400 × 1080 pixels) and 20: 9 aspect ratio. The images displayed on this screen are excellent with very vivid colors, deep black and high brightness, providing good viewing even in bright sunlight.

Galaxy A51 screen The Galaxy A51's Super Amoled screen with Full HD + resolution stands out displaying vivid colors, intense brightness and deep black

The design has also been improved and now the screen occupies even more the front with few edges. The front camera is housed at the top of the screen in the format Infinity-O, being very small and discreet.

Front camera of Galaxy A51 The front camera is even smaller and more discreet, almost does not hinder during the display of content on the screen

The fingerprint sensor under the screen worked well and allowed for quick unlocking of the A51. However, situations where the finger was a little damp, were sufficient for the reader not to find correspondences and to prevent digital unlocking.

REVIEW: Galaxy A51 brings good cameras in a complete middle The digital sensor on the screen is very responsive most of the time and a great addition to the A51

Hardware and Software

THE Galaxy A51 comes equipped with the octa-core processor Exynos 9611 (4 × 2.3 GHz Cortex-A73 and 4 × 1.7 GHz Cortex-A53), RAM memory 4 GB and internal storage of 128 GB. With these settings, the A51 it does not differ much from its predecessor, but it is slightly superior in day-to-day tasks. However, multitasking still disappoints because when opening several applications, there are some slowdowns, but nothing that affects performance in general.

REVIEW: Galaxy A51 brings good cameras in a complete middle The experience of watching series, films and videos on the A51 is very satisfying, the Super AMOLED screen makes everything more beautiful

If you are going to buy the A51 thinking about games, the smartphone delivers satisfactory results in more basic graphics configurations, but nothing to put the graphics on top and expect good FPS even with the Game Booster activated. good to point out that we are talking about an intermediate smartphone and the A51 takes this concept to the letter.

The system Galaxy A51 The Android 10 with the great interface OneUI 2.0, very intuitive, stable and functional.

The resource edge screen it is present here and makes it much easier for those who want to have their favorite applications and tools (flashlight, calculator, ruler, etc.) always at hand with a drag of a finger. At edge notifications they are also present and give a more modern look when the smartphone has the screen off and receives a notification.

Edge screen of Galaxy A51 A great feature of the S8 and Note 8 line is back on the A51, the Edge menu leaves all your favorite apps at a swipe

Finally, the function of digital TV an additional great. In our tests, the transmission was very clean with the possibility of continuing to play in the background, create gifs, record and even display the programming grid.


THE Galaxy A51 has a quad camera system made up of a wide angle lens 48 MP with opening f / 2.0, an ultra wide 12 MP with opening f / 2.2 and viewing angle 123, a macro of 5 MP with opening f / 2.4, and a camera for depth purposes also 5 MP and with opening f / 2.2.

REVIEW: Galaxy A51 brings good cameras in a complete middle The Galaxy A51 quad camera set provides options for photo fans and content creators

The main camera provides optimal results in good lighting conditions with balanced saturation and sharpness levels. However, some details are lost in tree leaves, shadows and objects with more complex textures where they end up getting a bit blurred.

The night mode is just ok, even if the software greatly reduces noise and significantly increases brightness and sharpness, it is lost a lot in image definition compared to photos in good light conditions.

The ultra wide camera stands out in a device of this segment, providing pictures with an excellent definition, even if a little more saturated than normal, a characteristic that I like in photographs.

REVIEW: Galaxy A51 brings good cameras in a complete middle Ultrawide camera

The macro camera is a good addition to the Galaxy A51, but it does not stand out from the rest, the definition is good with a quick focus for objects up to 3cm away.