Nespresso Expert

Review: Expert, Nespresso’s newest connected coffee maker

Just over a year ago, I published a full review of Nespresso Prodigio here on the website and I did not imagine that in such a short time I would have the opportunity to meet another connected coffee maker of the brand with beautiful advances.

Behold, the Nespresso surprised and is launching on the market now the Expert, not only a new connected machine, but also your first with a horizontal design.

Nespresso Expert

And her look really impresses. Prodigio was already very friendly here at the home buffet, but Expert gave it a new look. It is larger, with a robust appearance and a professional style; it is no wonder that it weighs more than 4 kg.

Looking from the front, we have a metallic sphere with the Nespresso brand, which is where the liquid outlets are. Yes, in the plural: there is an outlet for coffee and another, independently, for water. Why you will know this later in the review.

To the right of the sphere, we have two dials of adjustment: the first is for you to define the size of your coffee, among five options, and the second – unprecedented – is for you to determine the temperature you prefer to taste it, between warm, hot and very hot. That alone would make me switch from Prodigio to Expert; in my tests, Prodigio’s normal temperature equals Expert’s “hot” temperature, and I really thought the coffee could come out at a higher temperature. There.

Below the sphere, we have a practical drawer where the used capsules fall (automatically, of course) and a liquid accumulation surface. It also comes with a support for smaller cups, which basically always stays there if you are a consumer mainly of espressos, like me. The lateral water tank is also bigger than the Prodigio (1.1L!) And, at the top, the insertion of capsules is very simple, just slide a cap to the right. Then, just press the button on the side to prepare your coffee.

Nespresso Expert

I said five coffee options, right? Well, there are actually four: ristretto (25ml), espresso (40ml), lungo (110ml) and the new Americano (25ml of coffee with 125ml of water). The fifth option is for pure hot water, excellent for example if you want to prepare tea or hot chocolate. And it is for these last two options that Expert has an independent outlet for water, which is sensational.

Expert operates at a pressure of 19 bar, Nespresso standard with that nice froth on top. Although it is the same as Prodigio, I honestly felt a little better taste in the coffees prepared by Expert. But this may also have to do with the higher water temperature.

But obviously, one of the cool things about these modern coffee makers is that they are connected (via Bluetooth). In this sense, Expert also brings news.

Nespresso app icon

With the capsule inserted and the cup positioned, you can send the coffee remotely through the official app. Recently (thanks to an app update), the option to schedule it for a specific time, like when you wake up, has also been implemented – this for both Expert and Prodigio. It’s like having a barista at your disposal on your smartphone; but not, after all, you still need to go there to get your coffee and drink it. ?

One of the features of this connectivity that I like the most, the capsule count, is still there and working wonderfully. But what I really loved, at Expert, was the possibility to make adjustments to its configuration by the application itself. You can customize the quantities of the different types of coffee and also configure the time it takes to switch off automatically.

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You can also order capsules directly through the app (which is available not only for iOS, but also for Android), in a super-practical way. Eventually there are even some promotions specifically for those who use it, so stay tuned.

Most of the time, what I prepare for myself is the good old espresso. Eventually I enjoy a ristretto or lungo, but I like having these options to serve guests who prefer them. The new American coffee, more “watery”, is one that I will hardly use – but I understand that many like it (Americans, for example – hehe), as well as there are also a lot of people who enjoy iced coffee.

Once you use the dials and selects the type of coffee and the desired temperature, Expert remembers these options even after being turned off – that is, it is not something you need to choose every time, if it is repeated. And the operation of the machine itself is also relatively quiet, more than Prodigio and certainly much more than my old Pixie (my first Nespresso, which now lives at my parents’ house).

Nespresso Expert

Nespresso Expert can now be purchased directly through the official website of the brand, at 0800-7777-737 and through boutiques and partner stores around the country, with a suggested price of R $ 999. It has 110V and 220V versions, as well as a model that includes the Aeroccino3 milk frother (this did not come in our test unit, so we did not mention it in this review).