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Review: eufy RoboVac 30C, a smart, complete and affordable robot vacuum cleaner

Soon I am moving with my family abroad and for our new home reality we are betting on a number of modern and intelligent appliances. One of the top ones on our backlog was a robotic vacuum cleaner, but I didn't want to spend the numbers that the most traditional brand in the business, iRobot, charges for its products.

I was the one who knew the RoboVac line from eufy (an Anker brand), and figured she could fit me perfectly. I have been testing the RoboVac 30C model for a few weeks now, and in the following paragraphs I will talk a little more about this product and my first experience with a smart vacuum cleaner.

Design and functions

Apart from small details here and there, all these smart robotic vacuum cleaners today look very similar. They are all round, usually black or gray, and have status indicator LEDs on top for the RoboVac 30C, covered in tempered glass.

What really impresses even the RoboVac 30C is its height: it's just over 7cm, which gives it the flexibility to pass even under many beds and sofas, cleaning more often areas of our home that we eventually reach.

eufy RoboVac 30C

This model has a suction power of 1,500Pa, a value that is top of the line in the industry but quite satisfactory and allows it to operate without making much noise even at its strongest stage among three available. Of course it is not quiet operation, but it is nowhere near the noise of these conventional vacuum cleaners.

The internal battery capable of running the RoboVac 30C runs for about 1h30 uninterrupted, and when it is running out, the robot automatically returns to its base. Until it recharges completely, it goes at least 5 hours.

But obviously, as a device Smart home, the RoboVac 30C could not only work with its conventional remote control that comes in the box. Yes, it has an app for iOS (and Android) which allows you to control all its functions.


EufyHome app icon

The EufyHome app as a whole is very cute, nice and well developed. It doesn't follow the conventional iOS app pattern (the identical interface on Android), but I don't see it as a problem; It is already translated into Portuguese (from Portugal, in this case).

Through the app, it is possible to add the RoboVac 30C with a few taps and from there, with it already connected to your home's Wi-Fi network (can not be 5GHz), control it from anywhere on the planet. We have directional control, activation of all its operating modes, programming, battery information and of course the ability to update the robot firmware whenever a new one becomes available from the manufacturer.

The use of EufyHome is very simple and straightforward; I don't even have much to comment on him here. My only criticism is that, in its current version, it is not possible to choose different modes of operation in each of its daily schedules; RoboVac 30C always uses the last mode enabled.

But this very modern world is really cool. I couldn't help but smile when, on RoboVac 30C's first remote control test, I was miles from home, opened one of my surveillance cameras at the time it was scheduled to operate (no one at home), and it went out the pet from its base and started cleaning it all by itself. Ah, the modernity!

eufy RoboVac 30C

It is worth noting that eufy has only this app for all its smart devices not only vacuum cleaners but also lamps, sockets, switches, etc. That's the advantage of having everything under one brand at home: in one app, you control your entire smart home life.

EufyHome is also already integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but nothing from Siri for now, unfortunately.


As I said at the beginning, I never had a smart vacuum cleaner. I've had, however, portable vacuum cleaners (usually used in cars) and conventional home vacuum cleaners.

The big difference for me with such a product is that it ends up being used for more purposes than a regular vacuum cleaner. At least in my house, we used to sweep the whole house, wipe it with a damp cloth and only use the vacuum cleaner on rugs.

With the RoboVac 30C, different. In short: I don't need to sweep my house anymore, it does it for me.

eufy RoboVac 30C

The circular shape of the vacuum cleaner may imply that it cannot reach corners well, but this is no problem as the bottom of the robot has propellers that go beyond its diameter, so it itself makes a circular motion so as not to leave any Dirty space in the house.

It is obvious that it is not the purpose of such a vacuum to clean a rough dirt with wet earth, but for the dust of everyday life, it is simply perfect.

My second major criticism of the product goes to the fact that it does not have a sensor inside the (600ml) dust container, meaning the app doesn't "know" when the reservoir is full. In other words, I need to be aware and empty it periodically so as not to compromise the operation of the vacuum cleaner.


One of my first "worries" about the RoboVac 30C was to figure out what it would be or the obstacle for it when it comes to floor differences.

I was neither positively nor negatively surprised by his performance. Small steps on the floor, carpets and the like are absolutely no problem for the rob. The “bug catches”, obviously, when we are talking about steps (it does not go down or up, but neither suicidal) or, for example, from the rail of a sliding door.


Another great thing is that in the RoboVac 30C's own box, eufy includes some special strips that you can position on the floor to prevent the cleaner from seeing unwanted places (such as a child's room, that is full of little things). small throws on the floor).

Incidentally, I need a little attention on that. In one of the rooms here is a small decorative rug next to the bed. It's very thin, which is no problem for RoboVac 30C, but so small and lightweight, there was a time when the rug kind of “tangled” at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. It just happened once.

Price and Conclusion

RoboVac 30C can be purchased from the eufy website for $ 300 but can now be found on Amazon for $ 242, which is a great price considering its full feature pack.

eufy RoboVac 30C

Although it is quite complete and satisfying to me, of course there is still one or another advanced feature that can make the difference between spending it or, for example, over $ 1,000 on a top-notch Roomba. What interests me most is being able to map an entire apartment in the robot, but eufy has already said it is working on it for future models of its line.

There are also other competitors on the market not only with superior suction power, but also with filters and special modes of operation adapted for houses with a lot of dog or cat hair which, fortunately, is not my case here.

I didn't find the RoboVac 30C for sale in Brazil, but Pontofrio is selling the inferior RoboVac 11 model for $ 1,300 to anyone who wants to start playing with smart devices like that.