REVIEW: Doom Eternal has a lot of violence and technical excellence

Doom Eternal takes visceral destruction to a new level

In times when the world is quarantined due to the new coronavirus, the COVID-19, good entertainment options are welcome. Fortunately, Bethesda got the timing right (on purpose) and launched Doom Eternal, a visceral and spectacular electronic game, indispensable for those who like action.

The game was developed by id Software and published by Bethesda. the sequence of Doom, launched in 2016 without subtitle for several platforms. Doom Eternal was launched on March 20 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia platforms, the Nintendo Switch version is promised for sometime later 2020.

In this review, we'll see what the new iteration of the acclaimed first-person shooter franchise has brought to players.

Bigger and more frentico

Doom Eternal is the 2016 Doom sequel. The game follows the same style as its predecessor, however id Software went beyond the points that stood out in the previous title. The exacerbated violence dictates the rhythm of the game, which has practically all elements focused on the gutting of demons. The only rule is: don't stop until you finish them all.

The new game takes place mostly on a planet Earth taken by the demons, so scenarios such as destroyed cities and shopping centers and hordes of enemies loose are common. It stands out from the previous game, which took place, for the most part, in military installations on the planet Mars.

A construction on planet Earth remains standing, but surrounded by destruction.In Doom Eternal, the Earth was taken over by demons.

History has never been the strong point of the Doom franchise, and with Eternal no different. THE Doom Slayer (or demon slayer) is in an unbridled hunt to save the planet from destruction, and he is the only thing feared by the creatures of hell. This is basically the premise of the entire game, but luckily there is enough space for the player to delve into the universe presented in the game.

Details of the plot are appearing little by little through kinematics and, mainly, through textual explanations of items found along the way. There is a lot of material to check, but reading is not mandatory. Anyone who just wants to tear apart demons, however, loses an interesting knowledge about the game.

In the image, Doom Slayer points to an optional challenge portal.Optional Doom Eternal challenges are spread across the map and award points for improvement.

At all times, the player put into combat with demon creatures. Now, each of them has several breakable parts that are destroying themselves at the points where the Doom Slayer hits them. The result is pieces of meat and ulcers jumping on the screen all the time.

As in the previous game, the protagonist is always running and the weapons do not require reloading. When dealing enough damage to a demon, it will glow, indicating the possibility of the player performing a Glorious Death (Glory Kill, as written in the game), which is an animation in which the enemy is destroyed and hit points are released.

A fireball in a corridor, inside an establishment.Another building destroyed by demons in Doom Eternal.

The player's options grow in number in Doom Eternal. The protagonist now has a button to launch different types of grenades, another for the chainsaw (which grants ammunition when used), another for a flame-thrower (source of armor points when burning enemies), double jump and accelerated movement in different directions.

To do well in the game, the player needs to learn how to use the available arsenal effectively, because the number of enemies on the big screen (considerably higher compared to the previous title) and the level of difficulty is very high. The result is the need to think strategically and, at the same time, not to remain fixed anywhere on the map, the game becomes much more than just shooting at enemies.

Doom Eternal also flirts with RPG. During the various phases of the game, the player's actions, if well executed, as well as items hidden in the scenario, grant points that can be used to improve the weapons, the protagonist himself or how he manipulates the environment around him. There is a constant feeling that the player is evolving with his character, becoming stronger and more able to deal with the new creatures that continue to appear.

Doom Slayer holds a head in the palm of your hand.Scenes like this are common in Doom Eternal.

Between one phase and another, the player is redirected to a fortress that is located in orbit around the planet Earth. In addition to serving as a lull point, the fortress contains plenty of content to be explored, as objectives are completed during each mission.

Technical competence

For the development of Doom Eternal, id Software updated the graphics engine it used in Doom, and this allowed it to make several technical improvements. There is no graphic revolution in relation to the previous title, but the detail in the environment gives Doom Eternal a clear visual advantage.

The lighting effects are more realistic, and the scenarios, considerably wider than those of the predecessor, have multiple lighting sources. In addition, better quality textures and more detailed objects complement the environments.

Generally speaking, the game's locations are wide and contain many simultaneous elements, including enemies. The design of each scenario (or level design, as commonly spoken in the electronic games industry) received a proposal for verticalization, consistent with the new movement options of the controlled character. They are complex places, with demons spread all over the place.

Doom Slayer converts with a character.Doom Eternal has excellent quality kinematics.

With all these improvements, it is impressive that the game runs at a rate of 60 frames per second on all platforms, which becomes a visual delight with so many elements and light effects bouncing on the screen all the time.

As expected, on base consoles (disregarding PS4 Pro and Xbox One X) There are possible drops in the performance of Doom Eternal, and some gagging is felt. Most of the time the decrease in performance does not affect the game, but in some moments it is possible that one shot or another does not go as planned by the player.

Gun aimed at a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlava, with platforms above and rotating chains of fire.The scenarios of Doom Eternal are vertical.

For those who have access, the most robust platforms (PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PCs with enough power) run perfectly the game which shows that PS4 and Xbox One have already reached their limits.

Two small decisions by id Software are questionable and could be resolved in future updates. The first of them in relation to the language: Doom Eternal always starts with audio and subtitles in the console language, it is not possible to choose the configuration that the player wants. Voices in English and texts in Portuguese, therefore, no way.

The second criticism is the lack of movement controls. The 2016 Doom version for Nintendo Switch (which received the game in 2017) was later updated to include the ability to aim with the motion sensors present on the controller. Doom Eternal, released three years later, did not include such a possibility even the PlayStation 4 controller supporting the functionality.

At the end of the video you can see the bug described in the paragraph below.

It is also important to open a space to talk about bugs. While with us Doom Eternal ran well, the game once featured a bug that penalized the player. After ending up with a horde of enemies, a demon appeared and got stuck in the scene (as seen in the video above). After defeating this remaining demon, the map did not count the victory in that area (image below), so it did not properly reward the player.

The image shows the map with a red portion, which indicates the presence of enemies, surrounded by green pores, passages already completed.The map continued to mark the region as not completed.

Fortunately, it is possible to redo missions with the weapon, armor and environment improvements already achieved.

Featured soundtrack

The games in the Doom franchise have always featured soundtracks that stood out. Eternal Doom is no exception.

The soundtrack follows the heavy tones of the series, being more similar to the 2016 Doom. It has the right energy for a game as frenetic as Doom Eternal, but the impression that, at times, takes on a lower volume than should.

The launch trailer gives an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe soundtrack to Doom Eternal.

Either way, the player will be constantly encouraged to slaughter demons under the weight of musical metal, which abuses serious instruments and strong bass and guitar distortions.

Asymmetric multiplayer

In addition to an excellent campaign that can easily reach 20 hours of gambling, Doom Eternal has an invigorated multiplayer mode. While in Doom the multiplayer mode was a generic knockout, now there is a varied option that entertains for hours, great for anyone who wants to have fun without compromise.

The multiplayer mode, played only on the internet, assumes what is called asymmetric gambling, in which each player has a different style of gameplay. Designed for up to three people, one controls the protagonist of the campaign mode, the Doom Slayer, while the other two players each control one of five of the great demons present in the game. The Doom Slayer must kill both demons, and vice versa.

Description of the multiplayer mode by Bethesda itself (audio in English).

The mode is quite fun and has simple rules. Despite this, mastering all the skills and possibilities of online mode requires time and effort, which is a good thing.

More than recommended

Doom Eternal a shooting game that goes straight to the point. Without any frills, the game puts the player under the obligation to attack the enemies and disembowel them in many different ways. Despite the heavy theme, visually incredible and terribly satisfying in all the bloodiness presented.

This is undoubtedly an essential game for anyone who enjoys shooting games and with great graphic appeal to violence. It now remains to wait for the Nintendo Switch version of Doom Eternal.

A room with the floor completely soaked in blood.Some blood had been spilled.

And if this was the Doom that drank blood stone from the current generation, why not look forward to what comes in the 9th generation of video games?

The game can be found from R $ 199, and is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

9.5 / 10


Doom Eternal is undoubtedly an essential game for anyone who enjoys shooting games and with great graphic appeal to violence. The game has an incredible campaign, which adds a lot to the universe created in the first Doom, in 1993. With its beautiful graphics and an exciting soundtrack, a pleasant electronic tour through the destruction of planet Earth.


  • To unrestrained from beginning to end;
  • Visually impressive, with great light effects;
  • History that deepens the universe of the series and the protagonist;
  • Exciting soundtrack.


Possible choking on performance on base consoles.