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Review: CleanMyMac 3, optimized for OS X Yosemite, is released with great news! [atualizado]

Although OS X is a simple and intuitive system, which does not need periodic maintenance to continue to run satisfactorily, I have always enjoyed having this type of control over the system. However, I don't like to venture out with scripts, commands in the Terminal and everything, so I'm a fan of the application card CleanMyMac, developed by MacPaw.

CleanMyMac 3 app icon for OS X

I've been using the app since its version 2 and I reviewed it here on the site about two years ago. And today I'm back to talk about his verse 3.

I didn't expect much from CleanMyMac 3, for one simple reason: version 2 suits me very well. Yes, I expected a look more consistent with OS X Yosemite and one or another new feature to justify the change. But what MacPaw did impressed me. They have practically doubled the app's resources, making it even more essential for anyone who has a Mac with limited HDD / SSD or just likes to have that kind of system control.

Before, users had eight options: Intelligent Cleaning (an overview of what can be removed / optimized on your Mac), System (same, but only for system files; your personal files do not enter here), Fundo do Ba ( your heaviest / most forgotten files on Mac), iPhoto Cleanup (you can, for example, remove rotated photos to save space), Trash (clean OS X and iPhoto Trash at once), Uninstaller (delete apps and take along with the “dirt” they leave on the system), Extenses (easy way to remove extensions, plugins, widgets, etc.) and Shredder (delete documents without leaving a trace).

CleanMyMac 3 app for OS X

Now, in addition to maintaining these options (merging some into one), there are two more new ones related to cleaning:

  • Mail Attachments: deletes attachments (photos, documents, compressed files, movies, music, etc.) from all accounts registered in Mail, the standard OS X email client.
  • iTunes: removes apps, backups, iOS software updates and incomplete downloads.

As it has a very intuitive interface, it is very easy to have total control over what will be removed by clicking on the “Clean” button. But in addition to these new cleaning options, CleanMyMac 3 stands out even for new OS X maintenance / optimization options, as well as for viewing essential Mac features.

The app now has the options:

  • Maintenance: performs scripts for maintaining OS X, repairing disk permissions, verifying the startup disk, improving / speeding up Mail performance, rebuilding the database of start items, reindexing Spotlight and renewing the DNS cache.
  • Privacy: turn off Cookies, history, passwords, downloads and more from the browsers / messengers installed on the Mac.

CleanMyMac 3 app for OS X

There is also the new Panel option (a button in the upper right corner), which provides information about Mac storage, RAM usage, battery and processor. As the main premise of the app is to save space on your Mac, it's nice to be able to see for yourself how much space you still have available on the drive.

This new feature of the app makes it practically unnecessary to use other specific utilities such as StatsBar, which I practically abandoned here after I started using CleanMyMac 3.

Without a doubt, we are talking about a more than welcome evolution towards an application that, in my opinion, is essential! Due to the launch, CleanMyMac 3 is on sale, with 50% discount (US $ 20 instead of US $ 40).

Update · 04/07/2015 s 12:13

Many readers have informed us that they are unable to get the application in Portuguese. There really is a trick to this.

System Preferences in Portuguese

As you can see in the image above, I need to put the language “Portuguese (Brazilian)” as the main language. To do this, go to Language and Region within the System Preferences, click on the “+”, search for “Portuguese (Brazilian)” and add it to the list, placing it at the top so that it becomes the main one.

Another app that is only translated into Portuguese in this way is Skype. So, here, I always leave that order shown in the image above.