REVIEW: Beats Solo Pro is the ultimate Beats headphone

REVIEW: Beats Solo Pro is the ultimate Beats headphone

Beats Solo Pro brings a stylish premium design, great sound quality and a respectable noise-canceling, but at a high price

O Beats Solo Pro the first headphone over-ear of the product catalog of Beats with technology Noise-Canceling. According to the company, the headphone provides balanced audio, quality noise cancellation and 22 hours of battery life. In addition, thanks to the presence of H1 chip gives Apple, O Solo Pro integrates with the company's entire product ecosystem in an easy and intuitive way.

However, if the Beats Solo Pro can you compete with current premium headphones that have similar configurations? You check this analysis.


O Beats Solo Pro It is made of plastic with aluminum extenders, which guarantees good product resistance. Even with aluminum, the headphone of Beats weighs only 267 grams and has rotational and foldable headphones, ensuring its high portability.

Beats Solo Pro rodsBeats Solo Pro folding rods allow for greater comfort and portability

Comfort is another very strong point, the insulation pads are made of leather, being thicker and providing greater contact with the ears. The same material as the pads can be found on the top of the headphone and does not cause pain or discomfort over long periods of use.

O Beats Solo Pro it has only 2 forms of interaction in buttons: the first on the bottom left to adjust the noise cancellation and the second on the side of the right phone, where the company logo is. It is possible to increase / decrease volume, fast forward / rewind / pause music and call the assistants Google and Crab. Even if very responsive, it would be more interesting if the controls were touch / gestures like those present in premium Sony headphones.

Beats Solo Pro passive noise cancellation padsThe Beats Solo Pro leather cushions are of the highest quality, ensuring optimum isolation and comfort

O Beats Solo Pro arrives in Brazil in six colors: light blue, dark blue, red, ivory, gray and black, all with a great look and finish.

Sound and Microphone

O Beats Solo Pro incredible in what it says the sound quality, something already characteristic of the Beats in your products. Even if there is a greater focus on the mediums, the bass is here and impresses with definition and strength during songs that demand more power. The sound experience is very satisfying and brings a balance that many music lovers seek.

The user can hear all the simplest instruments and sound effects clearly. Much of this is due to the material that makes up the passive noise cancellation pads and of course, the technology noise-canceling called by Beats in Pure ANC.

Music like bad guy gives Billie Eilish and Daydreaming of the band Radiohead they are beautiful to hear all the beats, synths, arpeggiators, orchestras, vocals and harmonies are in evidence, taking the user into the recording studio.

Beats Solo Pro aluminum extendersThe construction of the Beats Solo Pro is very resistant, made of plastic and aluminum, it is difficult to break during daily use

Not only to listen to music, the Beats Solo Pro it works great for watching movies and playing games on your PC. Technology ally Dolby Atmos for Headphones for Windows 10, the complete immersion.

The already quoted noise cancellation makes this whole experience much better, canceling out most external noise and giving total and unique prominence to the music. During our home tests, the technology drowned out TV sounds, side conversations and keyboard typing noises with praise, perfect for improving the concentration of those working in the home office or office.

O microphone built-in medium quality, as it transmits the voice very compressed and slightly muffled, the great weakness of the headphone.

Battery and connection

O Beats Solo Pro very competent in drums. According to the Beats, the headphone has an incredible 40 hours of autonomy with the noise cancellation and ambient sound off. During our two-week tests, it only needed to be recharged 1 time, since the headphone was used around 3 hours a day.

Loading occurs via input Lightning and it can bother users Android, O USB-C would be most welcome here. However, charging the headphone very quickly, takes about 2 hours to reach 100% with ordinary charging. O Beats Solo Pro also has the mode Fast Fuel, where it is possible to obtain a charge for 3 hours of music in just 10 minutes in the socket.

Beats Solo Pro lightning inputThe Beats Solo Pro lightning input guarantees fast charging, but the lack of USB-C can keep Android users away

Due to the presence of H1 chip gives Apple at the Beats Solo Pro, the connection with the company's instant devices. Just open the boom for the headphones to connect and be recognized immediately by the device, you don't need to install any applications. J for users Android, it is necessary to enter the device settings and pair manually.

Connection technology Bluetooth 5.0 and during the tests we didn’t see any flaws or choking, even far from the smartphone.


O Beats Solo Pro definitely an evolution in the headphones catalog of Beats. The model has great finish, comfort, quality audio and a noise canceling respect.

What can weigh in the user's decision to purchase it at its high price: R $ 2,499.00. Even though it is a great purchase, it is difficult to recommend it when headphones at half the price have practically the same features and sound quality.

However, the Beats Solo Pro a great request, the fans of the brand will be very happy to have a product at the height of the premium sound market so disputed in Brazil.

Beats Solo Pro is on sale on the official Beats by Dre website for R $ 2,499.00.

Beats Solo Pro specifications

Model Solo Pro
Weight 267 grams
Height 17.9 cm
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 Class 1Chip Apple H1
Drums Up to 40 hours
Color Light blue, Dark blue, Red, Ivory, Gray, Black
Price R $ 2,499.00
  • Design and Comfort – 10/10
  • Sound Quality – 9.5 / 10
  • Microphone – 5/10
  • Drums – 10/10
  • Connectivity – 10/10

8.9 / 10

REVIEW: Beats Solo Pro the ultimate Beats headphone

Beats Solo Pro brings a stylish premium design, great sound quality and a respectable noise-canceling, but at a high price


  • Premium and stylish design
  • Comfortable even in long periods of use
  • great sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Resistant


  • Low quality microphone
  • Without 3.5mm inlet