REVIEW: Atrio Paris, a discreet, elegant and refined smart watch

REVIEW: Atrio Paris, a discreet, elegant and refined smart watch

A small smartwatch that will match both an evening outfit and a look worthy of a morning walk? This the Atrio Paris

In times of gadgets of sizes (and colors) not discreet, an obstacle for those who have a more elegant profile to find a product that matches the look. O Atrio Paris has everything to fill this space, being a smartwatch with a series of smart functions, housed on a screen of just 2 centimeters.

Even compact and refined, is it really worth it? Find out below in our detailed review.

Visual and connectivity

Atrio paris, smart watch, with screen offSmall and elegant design. This is Atrio Paris,

The elegance of Atrio Paris which makes it a smartwatch different from the others. It is not a gadget that will attract attention by its size, nor a device that overflows with functions (of which you would not use even half). On the contrary: the Paris goes straight to the point in navigation, and this is also reflected in the design, which is quite luxurious. THE metallic bracelet, which can be exchanged, complemented by the geometric shapes of the glass that surround the display, being the icing on the product finish.

The application you need to download to take advantage of all the functions and settings of the watch (since there is no configuration in it) SW Atrio, available for Android and iOS. The app has an interface loaded with information, with menus and submenus ideal for those who want to track steps and daily calorie loss, weekly and monthly. Owners of iPhone you will like to know that the watch can also work with the app Apple Health; who has Android also manages to stop it at Google Fit.

Screens from the Atrio SW app, with Atrio paris tests, smart watchMeter hub, settings and the reminder tab, where you can schedule reminders like “stay hydrated”.

O Atrio Paris a unisex model, however its elegant and discreet look, together with its size, makes us believe that it was designed to please the female audience. Taking into account that the watch's advertising campaign uses terms such as “glamor”, I believe that, regardless of the user's gender identification, it should be taken into account that this is an accessory delicate and refined a concept that already comes from the factory.

Unlike the minimalist, unisex and “every occasion” square of the Apple Watch or the round, robust and unobtrusive Huawei Watch GT 2, the Atrio Paris remember one jewel. His metallic bracelet reinforces this idea well. In contrast, we have the London, another smartwatch from the manufacturer that has a few more functions and adopts a more "universal" style that would combine both a sporty look and a casual look.

Atrio paris, smart watch, in detail of the side buttonThe product's single button has limited functions, making it a good differentiator between smartwatches whose menu only works via touch.

THE simplicity summarizes well the efficiency of navigation through the Atrio Paris. There is a single touch sensitive area called “one touch“, Just below the screen, indicated by a hexagonal shape printed under the glass. Remembering popular smartbands, you tap to advance and hold your finger for a few seconds to confirm. The cyclic menu, so the functions follow a specific order until they return to the home screen again. It also has a single physical button on the side, which serves to return to the beginning or, if it is already, the screen goes dark.

Without exaggeration, great as the Paris goes straight to the point in its functions. There are meters of steps, calories lost, distance covered, heart rate (current), the quality of your sleep and there are also four types of training (running, walking, hiking and cycling). From the functions of direct connection with the cell phone, we have the reading of messages / notifications and the function “search”, which sends an audible warning to the smartphone (as if it were a call), in case you have missed it.

Atrio paris, smart watch showing distance traveled (4.46 km)Screen interface has clean design, emphasizing information

After a few days of use, it is already possible to decorate the number of touches in the touch area to go to each function. The most used ones appear first in the queue, while others like "themes" and "brightness" are among the last. This is a positive point when thinking about the usefulness of navigation items. And while he asks for personalization of the workouts, which are limited to only the four types we mentioned, the customizing themes of the main screen quite fair.

Talking about brightness, the lighting good screen in different environments, but Colors end up being opaque (in this case, the white glow in contrast to the black background). The image definition is also not one of the best, even on the Parisian wallpaper that is themed on the product.

Most curious is the existence of sticky notes of “drinking water” and “exercising”, something useful to keep health up to date. In times of coexistence and work only at home, a reminder is thus essential. It is a pity that there is another negative point: these and other configurations can only be modified / created in the partner application. If you are using the Apple Health or with SW Atrio uninstalled, you will need to download and open the app to adjust it.


REVIEW: Atrio Paris, a discreet, elegant and refined smart watchThe Atrio Paris charger is a case with a leaked lid, which allows access to information on the device even during charging

You who are used to using a smartwatch, know that a key point is battery life. If you already need to charge your cell phone every day or two, you no longer want a headache as part of your gadget use routine, right? For perhaps this is the main negative point of the Paris. On the product packaging, we are faced with a somewhat discouraging estimate: the battery would only last three days. In the manual, the story changes a little, with a maximum duration of 20 days. When testing, I realized that it ended up being impossible for the duration to correspond with this second scenario and I explain below.

The variation between these extremes, given by the manufacturer itself, is explained by the fact that how long the watch stays connected with the cell phone. With maximum battery charging (which lasted a few hours) and Bluetooth on, I used it from one morning until the next day, that is, about 35-40 hours. With Bluetooth turned off, the battery lasted four times longer, in casual use for almost a week. So it lasts at most two days of intense use, connected to the cell phone.

Atrio paris, smart watch, with detail for magnetic sensor at the rearUnlike screen glass, the metal on the back that is in direct contact with the skin easily scratches

So thanks for using it as a “offline” watch throughout the day and only count your information in sync with your cell phone just before bed, for example. That way, you still have all the statuses updated and you don't need to depend on the connection and short battery life. Now, if you purchase it exclusively for the purpose of showing notifications from your smartphone, you will need to handle the two-day charge.

Next to him, there is a loader unusual, which works as a case that closes on the body of the smartwatch. As the device does not charge wirelessly, this case has metal terminals that make physical contact with the battery charge watch.

The good idea, however, is that the system is impractical if you think it should open and close each time you need to load it. In the long run, as if you need to remove and put the case of your cell phone every time you connect it to the charger. one more step that could be solved with a flat base and a m system, for example, that was enough to keep the connector stable and without “sambar” in contact. Economically, another solution would be a kind of page to hold it at the base, like other smartwatch makers do. Unfortunately, the option adopted by Atrium deserved an improvement.


Atrio paris, smart watch, with bracelet detailThe bracelet has a stylish magnetic clasp, displaying the manufacturer's brand.

Just feeling the lightness of the product is already suspected of its durability. We affirm that this, fortunately, is a wrong first impression. In our tests (100% home office) in the past two weeks, there was no visible scratch and no permanent stains on the screen. The bracelet was also shown resistant dust and scratches. Even the “Atrio” brand, engraved on the magnetic part, still remained brand new. Even so, the glass is prone to finger and dust stains, which fortunately can be cleaned.

Using it on a daily basis on the street may be a little different to put it all to the test, but I believe that an accidental scratch would only happen in the event of a fall or a direct shock from the watch with another surface. Light tapping and “shaving” should have a long-term effect. Another important detail is that it is waterproof with IP67 certification. That is, it can be submerged in 1 meter of water for up to half an hour. You can use it in the pool without any problems, it's just a shame it doesn't come with a swim tracker.

Conclusion on Atrio Paris

Atrio paris, smart watch, close-up on display showing time

For those who have never had a smartwatch, the Atrio Paris a good start. Anyone who is used to a smartband navigation (smart sports watch) and wants to exchange for something more refined, can easily adapt to it. Use only on walks and as a form of adherence to complement the look, the most harmonious solution. Whoever expects it to become a companion gadget that will make you dependent on functions and gauges, showing cellphone notification and other warnings, the battery and size may not be as practical. You can find the Atrio Paris from R $ 474.

O Atrio Paris does your type of smartwatch? Tell us comments!

  • Durability – 8/10
  • Design – 10/10
  • Funes – 6/10
  • Screen setting – 7/10
  • Drums – 5/10
  • Cost-benefit – 6/10


Atrio Paris Smartwatch

The smartwatch works very well with moderate use, with a design that matches an elegant look and even sports clothes. So it is great to use on a walk. Want to see social media notifications without picking up your phone? The price to be paid, at the most, two days of the watch battery.


  • Durable
  • Refined design
  • Light
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate
  • Has exchangeable bracelet


  • Low battery life
  • Practical charger
  • Settings via app only
  • There are few physical activities in the training area (and limited personalization)