REVIEW: Alienware AW510H headset is a complete sound experience for gamers

The Alienware AW510H brings a good cost-benefit ratio of a powerful product with great sound quality for gamers and music lovers

THE Alienware known for products gamer high performance for the most demanding players.

With the headset Alienware AW510H, the company promises to bring a complete immersion experience due to the construction of the passive noise cancellation and 7.1 surround audio.

However, is it worth investing in the headset even at a higher price than the competition? You check out all the details now.


THE Alienware AW510H a headset over-ear (supra-auricular) with a futuristic and stylish design, something very characteristic of the company's product family.

The relatively large headset with dimensions of 202 x 216.7 x 104.2 mm and weight of 370 grams, but it didn’t bother you in long gaming sessions due to the comfort provided by the synthetic leather cushions, both superior and the headphones.

The futuristic design of the Alienware AW510H stylish and robust, matching the category of gaming products

The construction of AW510H very discreet with hidden extenders and an adjustable and retractable microphone.

What does RGB lighting lack in the logo of Alienware on the side of the headset to match the rest of the line 510.


Comes in the box Alienware AW510H two extenders with connectors P2 / USB-A, P2 / P2 it is a green / pink connector for PCs older, which makes the product compatible with practically all the equipment that the user has.

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, the headset is not compatible with the Nintendo Switch, even using the connection P2.

Alienware AW510H ConnectorsSeveral connectors come with the Alienware 510H, making the product compatible with several gadgets

For those looking for a wireless experience, I’m sorry to say that Alienware decided to abstain from this addition.

This is taken into account as it may discourage use outside the home, since the connectors are long and not discreet.

For the price practiced, technology would be a differential, taking into account the path that the market is directing audio-related equipment.

Sound and Microphone

THE Alienware AW510H It is definitely one of the best gaming headsets ever tested by our team.

With technology 7.1 surround, impedance 32 Ohms and the cancellation of passive noise of a very high quality, the headset is made for those who want to disconnect from the outside world and reach a higher level of immersion in music and games.

Alienware 510H padsThe noise isolating pads are excellent, making the user disconnect from the world

During our tests, we used the function 7.1 of the headset with the technology Dolby Atmos activated on the PC.

The results could not be more impressive in virtually all game styles, showing incredible versatility than AW510H.

The zombie noises in Resident Evil 2 could be heard at a distance, sound details of games FPS how Overwatch and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare they had a great loyalty, hardly players will be caught off guard in online matches.

For music lovers, the Alienware AW510H impresses by the sound balance it provides, bringing power and details that many headphones and earphones aimed at music cannot reach.

And no moment was there any noise in the sound, even highlighting the low and high frequencies in the equalizer.

The adaptive quality of AW510H a very strong point, which makes the headset recommended in the s for gamers, but for music lovers in general.

Alienware AW510H microphoneThe Alienware 510H's microphone has a great quality, being very good for narrations and podcasts

The microphone is also another highlight of the headset, transmitting the voice with excellent quality, little noise and a compression that resembles condenser microphones.

Therefore, we recommend for recording podcasts and narrations, some of the videos on our YouTube channel were recorded with the microphone of the AW510H, you can check out an example below.

Alienware Command Center app

The line AW510 configured by the application Alienware Command Center, available at Microsoft Store free.

It is possible to configure headset functions as the audio itself 7.1, room virtualization, equalization, in addition to noise reduction, amplification and microphone reverberation.

It is also possible to configure profiles for different software and games, each one with the definitions created by the user.

During our tests, the software proved to be very easy to configure, with an intuitive layout and there were few errors that did not allow the PRAÇA recognize the headset.


THE Alienware AW510H even though it is more expensive than its competitors with similar functions, it brings an excellent cost-benefit ratio, where it offers the user a powerful product with balanced sound and excellent construction.

Not only for gamers, The AW510H a headset is shown for several entertainment options and professional jobs due to its general quality.

The AW510H sold by R $ 689.00, and the user will receive quality at the height of what he is paying.

Alienware AW510H technical specifications

Model AW510H
Dimensions 202 x 216.7 x 104.2 mm
Weight 370g
Frequency response 20Hz – 40kHz
Impedance 32 Ohms
Connectivity P2 – USB-A
Driver 50mm
Color Dark Side of The Moon / Lunar Light
Price R $ 689.00
  • Design – 9.5 / 10
  • Connectivity – 9/10
  • Sound – 10/10
  • Microphone – 10/10
  • Extra Funes – 9.5 / 10

9.6 / 10

Alienware AW510H headset is a complete sound experience for gamers

The Alienware AW510H brings a good cost-benefit ratio of a powerful product with great sound quality for gamers and music lovers


  • Stylish and futuristic design
  • High quality passive noise cancellation
  • Very comfortable leatherette cushions
  • High quality sound and microphone
  • Control software with intuitive layout


  • Without RGB light
  • No wireless connection