REVIEW: Alienware 510K and Alienware 510M, check out the potential of these gaming peripherals

We tested the Alienware 510K Mechanical Keyboard and 510M Gamer Mouse, and show our impressions here

To create a setup gamer It is necessary to have high standard items on your desk, including peripherals that can help a lot in your performance! Check out the review that we made of Keyboard Alienware 510K Mechanical It's from Mouse Gamer Alienware 510M!

Alienware 510K Mechanical Keyboard

REVIEW: Alienware 510K and Alienware 510M

Design and Construction

Aimed at the gamer audience, this keyboard gives Alienware already impresses with its RGB lighting technology that promises 16.8 million different color possibilities, which can be easily controlled by Alienware Command Center, an application that installs automatically when you connect the keyboard to your desktop or notebook.

REVIEW: Alienware 510K and Alienware 510MAlienware Command Center interface

The robust keyboard, without visual pollution like excess keys or colors that do not match, comes only with the keys in black and the body in lead color.

Another highlight that we hit the eye when using this keyboard is the rotary volume control, reminiscent of a kind of “steamroller”.

The keyboard Alienware it also has other keys with shortcuts that clearly help in the players' daily lives, such as: multimedia shortcuts, RGB brightness controllers and the “Windows” key blocker, which will surely save you if you accidentally press this button in the middle of a match of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS GO).

Finally, this mechanical keyboard has two height adjustments, a USB port located at the top, and its double USB cable made with a resistant material, sewn and is two meters long.


O Alienware 510K highlights the mechanism of the keys, which have the style low profile 35% lower than conventional mechanical keys.

This brings a better precision to the movement and there is no risk of your finger hitting another key when making a quick move.

It also caught our attention the silent touches of this keyboard, something rare in most competitors in the market.

Alienware has equipped its product with the switches CHERRY MX Red, of the linear type, which bring greater speed to the players because they allow quick double or triple touches on the keyboard.