Análise: Fone bluetooth AKG N200 - bom fone para o cotidiano e atividades físicas

Review: AKG N200 Bluetooth Headset – Good Headphone for Everyday and Physical Activity

The AKG N200 is an in-ear headset designed for the convenience of not relying on wires, using the bluetooth connection to communicate with other devices. In addition to the excellent workmanship and the weight of the AKG brand in the audio segment, another highlight is the presence of volume, advance and rewind control buttons and voice commands.

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Key Specifications

Impedance: 16 OhmsReference Frequency: 20Hz-20kHzPower: 116dB SPL / (email protected) Bluetooth V4.1 (HFP v1.6, HSP v1.2, A2DP v1.2) Microphone: Yes, incoming calls and voice callsIncluded Items1x Earphone Cleaning Tool, 1x USB Charging Cable, 3x Pairs of Earphone Tips (P, M, G), 1x CaseLate-on Polymer Batteries (3.7V, 110mAh), Estimated 8 Hour RangeWeight: 15.6 gColor: Black


The first thing that catches the eye when opening the product is the whim in the accessories. The N200 has a case to charge the phone and its charger, something very practical and important considering its compact size. The finish of the cord for excellent charging, with a fabric cable, something that is also used in the headset itself, in the wire that connects the two headphones.

The design has great quality and good finishes.

The compact handset has a neat finish with precise fittings. A selector on the cable brings the volume buttons, which when pressed for a longer period will advance and return tracks, while a larger button will turn on / off when pressed for a long period and play / pause when pressed. Double tap opens the voice assistant, which can be Siri, Google Assistant, and even Bixby.

The precise fit in the ears, due to the large amount of rubber with varying sizes, and unlikely to please. What did not please me was the positioning of the selector: with it "hanging" on the left side, it leaves the asymmetric weight and makes the cable hang to the side. Not enough to make it uncomfortable to use, and even running it doesn't hurt, but a rather odd aesthetic. The cable itself is barely noticeable, but it has had to be adapted, especially because of my habit of using True Wireless headphones (totally wireless, not even connecting the two headphones).

Audio quality

The N200 is a bluetooth headset, which often has an impact on audio quality. This is a good audio quality headset, but not something for those who are specifically focused on high quality audio.

The sound has a good balance between bass, treble and midrange. In general, the experience is satisfactory, but nothing that highlights it. Although this description seems somewhat anti-climatic, in part this positive balance does not make it overly "specialized". It has no hard bass, present enough to be perceived, no exaggerated highs or distorting, something that will not privilege some style over others. For podcasts, one of my most frequent use, it does well, with clear speech.

A feature that may or may not dislike isolation. Despite the use of rubbers and the in-ear shape, it does not so much isolate external sound. This is positive or negative depending on the use: for me I walk and pedal a lot as a headset, total isolation something negative, and hear something very useful to notice a horn or some emergency warning. For those who wanted to "isolate themselves from the world", however, it is not the most suitable.

Satisfactory audio quality, meeting multiple music styles and content such as podcasts and videos

The microphone is only acceptable. Although it can handle wind noise and traffic well, in outdoor connections, the quality is very low and can even make it difficult for your callers to understand your sentences. For voice commands, however, I had no difficulties and was almost always understood by Google Assistant.

Speaking of the microphones, it displeased the phone's performance in calls. He even turns to not catch the noise of the surroundings, and it is possible to answer calls on the street, but there is a remarkable compression in the audio, which arrives with poor quality for the caller. I can understand, but not a clear sound.

The battery lasts just over 7 hours

In the autonomy part, we had something close to what the manufacturer promised. The company promises up to 8 hours of autonomy, and we had just over 7 hours of load with sound at an intermediate intensity (the popular volume). Fast recharge, and 10 minute charging is usually sufficient for almost 1 hour of audio playback.


The AKG N200 is a good bluetooth headset for those looking for convenience. With a comfortable design, crisp finishes, useful shortcuts on the wire and good audio quality, this product is an easy suggestion for anyone who wants a lightweight, everyday hands-free headset for use on the go or on exercise.

The audio quality is good with a versatile profile, managing to deliver a positive experience in multiple music styles and other media such as podcasts and videos. Just got a better microphone audio during the calls.

The shortcut buttons are very useful, bringing all the main functions to control the audio and the voice assistant function.

The handset is good quality and excellent for everyday use, but its price is quite high.

The big problem of the product is its price. It is a product that carries the weight of the AKG brand and is an excellent finish, and makes a point of charging for it. With a cost around R $ 600, a handset with high cost compared to various options in the market. If cost is not a problem for you, this is an excellent quality headset.

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