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Review: After Logitech MX Sound, I no longer want to use MacBook Pro speakers

My memory may be misleading me, but I think since my first iMac in 2000, I've been using external speakers connected to my computers. Sausages have evolved quite a lot in recent years and are today, without a doubt, quite satisfactory for everyday use.

A few weeks ago, you accompanied my unboxing of Logitech MX Sound. Since then, I've been using it connected to the MacBook Pro and no longer want to use the built-in laptop speakers again.

Of course I wouldn't be stupid to think that speakers Embedded in a computer, especially a laptop, would be better than a quality external one. But the experience here is so much better that it's even ashamed to switch the audio output back to the MacBook Pro. When you compare like that, quickly switching between them, the difference becomes even more absurd.

But what is this product anyway? Well, it's a pair of speakers premium Bluetooth, with a total of 24W of power and intuitive, touch-sensitive controls hidden in the front of the right speaker.

As Logi herself says:

With a maximum of 24 watts (12 watts RMS), drivers With high end and ported tubes designed exclusively to extend the bass range, these speakers deliver balanced audio that reproduces the sound the artists intended. A tilt of 10 puts the listener in the ideal place for an optimized sound experience.

Maybe it's because I compare MX Sound a lot to the MacBook Pro speakers, but they really have very deep bass for those who enjoy Beats headphones, for example, these Logi speakers won't let you down. Do not expect a balance over there HomePod here, but the quality and power are quite satisfactory.

As you approach the right speaker's hand, three buttons light automatically: one for Bluetooth and two for volume control. Pairing via Bluetooth (with up to two devices) couldn't be simpler, just tap this button and wait for MX Sound to appear on the device you want to connect to it. I tested the speakers with my Mac, iPhone and iPad everything works wonderfully well.

But here in my setup fixed, I preferred not to use MX Sound connected to MacBook Pro via Bluetooth. That's because I do a lot of video editing and inevitably the wireless connection will have some small delay. So, I chose to connect the boxes to the Mac using the 3.5mm output I have on my CalDigit TS3 Plus. s plug in, select the dock as the output device in Sound System Preferences and ready. Even with the audio cable connected, at any time I can connect to MX Sound via Bluetooth so that the wireless connection takes priority.

The MX Sound's design kind of already indicates that it is designed to be used connected to a computer (it goes a long way with the space gray aspect of the MacBook Pro!), But you can use it as well as even connected to your television, if so. want. Undoubtedly, it produces better sound than the built-in speakers in TVs; just won't replace a system home theater, clear.

Logitech MX Sound

From the left speaker comes a built-in (stuck) cable that connects to the right speaker. From there comes a power cord and if you are going to mount a setup like mine, an audio cable (included in the box). When you will see, a big tangle that explains why Apple chose not to offer any input / output on his HomePod, only one power cable, the rest all wirelessly.

Don't ask me why, MX Sound has two 3.5mm jacks (one labeled PC, the other AUX) and one 3.5mm headphone jack. While Apple is saying goodbye to the P2 connector, this product has three.

A little thing that bothers me a little that, after 20 minutes of inactivity, MX Sound goes into a standby mode to save power. This makes sense when we think of a Bluetooth connection, but it does even when connected to my MacBook Pro via 3.5mm. That is, from time to time I have to approach my hand to the right speaker to "revive" him.

Overall, we are talking about a nice, well-resolved product with excellent sound quality and the main thing: at an absurdly fair price. It costs $ 100 in the United States and arrived in Brazil for $ 665 (or split in 10x $ 70), but can already be found for only $ 530. I recommend!

Next to my MX Master 2S mouse, Logi certainly now occupies an important space on my desk.