REVIEW: 4K UHD Monitor LG 32 ″ with VESA DisplayHDR 600 brings professional performance to publishers and gamers (32UL750-W)

REVIEW: 4K UHD Monitor LG 32 ″ with VESA DisplayHDR 600 brings professional performance to publishers and gamers (32UL750-W)

New LG 32UL750-W offers 4K resolution and HDR10 technology at a professional level for those who produce content, and also enjoy playing on the PC

The new 4K UHD 32 ″ monitor from LG (32UL750-W) It is a good option for content producers, for anyone working with creation and even for gamers. The monitor brings professional performance and a cinematic experience.

THE LG 32UL750-W It is capable of displaying more than a multitude of colors and still counts with the VESA DisplayHDR 600 classification, which guarantees a screen with a realistic image. Even at Ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, which is four times higher than Full HD (1920 x 1080), the monitor maintains consistent details and a 60Hz refresh rate.


4K UHD Monitor LG 32UL750-W LG UHD 4K monitor has thin edges and plastic base that simulates metal

In this regard, the LG 32UL750-W similar to the 27UL650 model (including the Showmetech also published a full review on the 4K monitor (LG 27UL650). The screen has super thin edges that provide a very immersive experience, while the curved base is made of a resistant plastic that simulates metal.

The base brings a series of possibilities for adjustments to the user. D to change the height and inclination of the monitor, which makes its use very versatile. It is also possible to rotate the monitor by 90 for a vertical screen experience. This is useful for editing professionals and streamers who want a secondary screen.

THE LG UHD 4K monitor it only has a button, which is in the middle of the bottom, between the two speakers. It is used to turn the screen on and off and to access the menu, settings and image calibration, according to your needs.

Although well positioned and easy to move, the button is little used. That's because the new monitor from LG brings the software OnScreen Control, which is installed on the PC and allows you to change all the settings of the monitor right on the screen.


4K UHD Monitor LG 32UL750-W LG's new monitor has a 31.5 ″ screen with UHD and 4K resolution

The monitor screen LG 32UL750-W it is a 31.5-inch IPS LCD, with an Ultra HD resolution of 3840 2160, 60Hz refresh rate and four milliseconds response time.

In addition to the 600 nits of brightness, you can explore more than a multitude of colors on the new monitor LG, which adopts the DCI-P3 standard, used in the film industry. This calibration profile allows for a color adjustment with 95% fidelity.

In relation to HDR10 technology, certification VESA DisplayHDR 600 ensures that the monitor has local dimming, that the technology that uses rear LEDs to achieve “perfect black”. This makes the monitor considered a true HDR. In relation to normal contrast, the monitor's range is 1336: 1.

THE LG 32UL750-W it also features Adaptive Sync technology from NVIDIA and FreeSync from AMD. When activated, these technologies leave the image free from tearing (cropped image) and stuttering (choking on the display of images), which are problems that haunt PC gamers. This makes the gameplay much more fluid and efficient.

4K UHD Monitor LG 32UL750-W New monitor from LG capable of reproducing more than a billion colors

Another feature present in the model is the “Super Resolution +“, Which helps to improve the sharpness of games and multimedia content at resolutions below 4K. The monitor also has Screen Split 2.0, in which it is possible to customize the screen in up to 14 modes (including configuring specific modes for software installed on the PC). Using the Picture in Picture (PIP) function, the user can view two windows at the same time.

Now in relation to the useful resources for content creation, the high resolution of the LG UHD 4K monitor it allows to give greater attention to details in images, texts, videos and illustrations. The model has excellent color rendering, thanks to IPS technology.

Regarding the color temperature, it is a little warmer than the usual 6500K, but in general the screen does not require a deeper calibration to reach the ideal tone. The factory pre-configuration is already very satisfactory in itself.

For the most demanding users in this regard, the monitor offers the tools to configure the details of the color calibration, brightness levels, contrast, sharpness, among other basic and advanced image configuration features.


4K UHD Monitor LG 32UL750-W LG's 4K UHD monitor has up to a USB-C port

On the monitor LG 32UL750-W, entries are not missing. On the back, the model has two HDMI 1.4 inputs, one USB-C input, two USB 3.0 inputs, a 3.5mm input for connecting headphones or speakers (even the monitor already has speakers) a Display Port 1.4 input.

The entrance USB-C It is an advantage of the new LG monitor by reducing a possible mess of cables on the user's table. The entrance allows the display of 4K video, data transfer and charging, all at the same time by a single cable connected to the notebook or computer.

J the entry Display Port 1.4 guarantees 10-bit color and 4K HDR at 60Hz without compression. In addition, it is possible for the four ports to be connected with devices and to switch between them via the monitor menu in a simple and intuitive way.

The new monitor from LG it comes from the factory with a series of accessories. The model comes with a power supply, an HDMI cable, a Display Port cable and a cable organizer.


4K UHD Monitor LG 32UL750-W LG's 4K UHD monitor is a good option for jobs and games

The monitor LG 32UL750-W it was developed with content production in mind, but its performance goes beyond. As much as it is not the perfect gamer monitor, excellent for those who enjoy playing on the PC. Combining 4K and HDR10 technologies, the screen offers a cinematic experience.

HDMI, USB-C and Display Port 1.4 inputs allow multiple devices to be connected to the monitor simultaneously. The images are bright, sharp and with an excellent contrast.

Regarding performance, the LG UHD 4K monitor it reaches a professional level, so that the model brings in a balanced way quality and functionality for work and games in a sophisticated design.

The new monitor from LG It is a good option for those who want premium quality to work with creation and have an excellent gaming experience.

In the Brazilian market, the LG 32UL750-W can be found at Americanas for R $ 4,840.

Technical specifications of the 4K UHD monitor LG 32UL750-W

Screen 31.5 inches
Maximum resolution 3840 2160
Brightness 400cd / m
Static contrast 3000: 1
HDR VESA DisplayHDR 600
Inputs and outputs 2 HDMI; 1 DisplayPort 1.4; 1 USB-C; 2 USB 3.0; 3.5mm jack (headphones or speakers) 2 speakers.
Source 70W
Resources AMD Radeon FreeSync; NVIDIA Adaptive Sync; Super Resolution +; OnScreen Control; Screen Split 2.0.
Weight 7.3kg
Price from R $ 4,499.91

Source: LG

  • Design – 9/10
  • Connectivity – 10/10
  • Screen – 9/10
  • Cost-benefit – 8.5 / 10

9.1 / 10

4K UHD Monitor LG 32 "32UL750-W

New LG 32UL750-W offers Ultra HD resolution in 4K and HDR10 technology at a professional level for those looking to produce content and enjoy playing on the PC


  • 4K and UHD resolution;
  • HDR10 technology;
  • OnScreen Control and Screen Split 2.0;
  • Sophisticated design.


  • Screen does not rotate sideways;
  • Plastic construction.