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Reuters reiterates rumor of possible collaboration between Apple and BMW

A few days ago, a German magazine revealed for the first time that Apple may be working with the BMW in the rumored ?Apple Car?.

Now it was the Reuters of putting firewood on the fire and quoting more or less the same, according to own sources. The news agency says, however, that although Tim Cook and his team did visit BMW headquarters and a factory in Leipzig (Germany) just last year, chats between companies have since been in hold.

On the one hand, Apple always seeks to have full control over its products and may well be just gathering knowledge to assemble its own car. On the other hand, BWM also has no interest in being a ?mere supplier? for Ma.

Still, the Reuters says that there is a possibility that the talks will resume after all, we are talking about two giants that would certainly make a big noise in the market if they were together in a project of this type. In addition, sources say that Apple executives "were impressed" by the new automobile manufacturing methods developed by BMW.

(via MacRumors)