Retina Display is highly appreciated by experts, but not necessarily perfect

Retina Display is highly appreciated by experts, but not necessarily perfect

In a general test of screens used in the main smartphones in the market, the PC Magazine put the new iPhone 4 and three other Android devices to the test, including the Motorola DROID X and HTC's Droid Incredible and EVO smartphones. The Retina Display used by Apple did well in most of the issues analyzed by the magazine, but she also knew how to make it clear that one of the main innovations employed by Ma is not entirely perfect for offering images to users.

When compared, the four smartphones highlight different technologies or specifications for their screens, with the iPhone 4 gaining in pixel density and resolution. Its display was also considered to be the brightest and the best contrast between LCDs, although this specification is slightly different from the one officially announced by Apple at WWDC 2010 in addition to being very close to what can be reproduced in two of the other products analyzed in the test .

However, not all ideal image viewing conditions are met by the Retina Display, which, despite having an enormous depth of colors, does not have much accuracy when compared to DROID X. PCMag, the color accuracy of the iPhone 4 is one of the worst tested in relation to other devices, and can present up to 36% of unsaturation.

Even so, the device offers a viewing quality far superior to most of the offers on the market. Unless someone adopts the same technologies as Apple in the manufacture of screens, the hardware of the iPhone 4 will be exclusive in this sense for a long time.

(image: AppleInsider)