Result of coronavirus examination (COVID-19) will be informed by the SUS application

According to the Ministry of Health, the Coronavrus SUS application is able to inform the results of those who take the PCR exam

THE Ministry of Health confirmed this week that it will report the result of the exam new coronavirus (COVID-19) through the application Choirnavrus SUS. Patients who take the PCR exam, considered the most effective to identify the presence of the virus in the body, can receive the information directly in the application, which is free.

According to Ministry of Health, the new resource will reach Brazilian citizens in up to 15 days. Despite confirmation, the Minister of Health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, did not give details on how to operate this option COVID-19. There is also no information as to whether the app will be able to serve patients who undergo exams in public and private health systems, or just one of them.

Coronavrus SUS application screensThe Coronavrus SUS app has gained some improvements to help users with various information about the pandemic

Recently, the application Coronavirus – SUS gained significant improvements from both layout as of communication with the user.

In addition to the explanations of what coronavirus is, what the symptoms are, how to prevent it, when to use a mask and how the diagnosis is made, the app now features a menu with news about the pandemic based on information from the official channels of the Ministry of Health.

Coronavrus PCR ExamPatients taking the coronavirus test (COVID-19) through the PCR exam will be able to check the result directly in the SUS application

Fighting the coronavirus (COVID-19)

THE Ministry of Health has been using several digital means to answer questions about the pandemic and also to demystify the fake news (or fake news, in free translation). In addition to the application, which is available for Android and iOS, the folder recently announced that it is taking questions through WhatsApp. The option was launched last week and is part of a partnership between the Ministry and the Facebook, owner of Whatsapp.

The partnership also earned credits for the Brazilian government to create campaigns on the coronavirus (COVID-19) at the Instagram and in Facebook.

More recently, Mandetta reported that the country will test a new checking system. The Ministry will start making telephone calls to more than 125 million Brazilians. Thus, it will be possible to carry out an assessment of possible infected at a distance. The system will function as an IVR with artificial intelligence (AI), which will be able to collect the name of the citizen, his location, with whom he resides and identify whether the person is part of the risk group.

The calls will be triggered through the Health Dial (number 136), so it is important to pay attention to the number that will call you, to avoid prank calls and possible fraud.

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