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Restrospective 2012 – Top posts of the year | Holiday Specials

A lot of water rolled over here

As the Philosopher would say, "remember to live!", So we will briefly look back at the articles that we at the Diolinux team consider to be the best of the year, we had over a thousand articles in 2012 and it was really hard to choose between them.

In addition, this is an article that adds content, here we will have a great repository with the main tips and news of the year, check it out:

Best Articles of the Year


eternal mourning

The month of January in our conception came down to MegaUpload's exit from the air with money laundering and other accusations, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS was not gone yet and I was in a fierce battle to make 11.10 run on my PC because of the Unity, therefore, has influenced the search for new graphic environments that run better, so this month we had a post about it, in addition to our already popular selection of Google Chrome apps.

These are the best January articles:

Installing Aptana Studio 3 on Ubuntu

The 7 Most Dangerous Commands in the Linux World

Megaupload goes offline

The best apps for Google Chrome

Good alternatives to Unity

Decreasing Libre Office load time

Virtual DJ for Linux


The February posts referred to the decline of Firefox, precisely because of the success of Chrome, the new Logo Windows and the beginning of my passion for Clementine Player. Check it out:

How to recover GRUB in 3 commands

Is Firefox dying?

Windows 8 gets new logo

Does Ubuntu know?

Clementine on Ubuntu Lens tracks


Google's new privacy policies

In March we have the implementation of Google's new privacy policies, a bit of networks and servers, tips for programs on Ubuntu and even a curiosity to weather the cold in winter tch!

Google wants to steal your soul!

Understanding the ARP Command

How PPOE Works

How to create an Ubuntu based distro

Do you really know what free software?

How to manage PPA's graphically

Ubuntu 14.04 be the best platform in the world

Goobuntu, Ubuntu from Google How are computer games made?

Chrome officially becomes the most used browser in the world

Tips for making Ubuntu 12.04 faster

Awarded LibreOffice

Ubuntu Phone Path


Google vs Facebook

July begins with Facebook entering "war" against Google and no longer recommending the company's browser to its users, we have some tips for you to surf the Internet more safely, Rio Grande do Sul takes an important step for Software Free Ultrabook, Diolinux OS and Mint Box, check out:

Facebook no longer wants you to use Google Chrome

Gnome 3 without 3d video driver

New Custom Domains on the Internet

10 Tips To Find Out If A Trusted Website

ODF becomes law in Rio Grande do Sul

Toshiba's Ultrabook Release

Diolinux OS Release

Fall test between Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4s

Meet the Mint Box

The best free antivirus

Steve Jobs and the "Dorgas"

Linus and your Macbook Pro

Dead Space for Android

"The Microsoft Tablet"

Meet EcoPC, the PC made with PET bottles

xBox Surface a gaming tablet?

Meet UEFI the new BIOS

Why do people still use Windows XP

Smoothing fonts in KDE

The first Smartphone with Android 4.1

Managing music on your Android with Clementine


Surface hangs on presentation

In the month of June we got the live history of Surface, a Skin for Linux that makes your PC look like Mac OS, Mozilla announcing that it is developing a new mobile operating system, the arrival of Outlook instead of Hotmail and a Curious Deep Web Trip.

Send MSN to space

New Features on Google Play

SEO tool for Twitter

Transforming Ubuntu or Mint on Mac OS

Have you heard about the Deep Web?

What's this about Firefox OS?

Microsoft tablet hangs during presentation

Meet the game Slender

Diolinux Mobile – Meet our App for Smartphones

Create themes for Google Chrome

Series: How to make games without knowing how to program

Left 4 Dead for Linux started to appear in the media

The Google Internet

Research shows Chrome as best browser

Microsoft launches Outlook online

The best Android apps


Samsung Galaxy S3 Beats Sales Records

August was a particularly difficult month to pick the topics, so he got a few more items, curious facts marked the month with the Galaxy S3 breaking sales records, Firefox OS showing what came, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the StreetFighter series and we had a Facebook security flaw. Check out the best of ms

Everyone hates the Facebook Timeline

Pentagon tells employees to stop downloading porn

Samsung Galaxy S3 with over 10 million sales

Left 4 Dead runs faster on Linux than on Windows

The origin of Google name

Installing new fonts in GIMP

Android and Linux in the same environment, would be a dream?

Stallman against Valve games

Brazil is afraid of buying over the internet

Left 4 Dead becomes movie

Internet Explorer Advertising

10 Digital Security Tips

Office 2013 with ODF Support

How will be 4G in Brazil

Understand TouchScreen

Comparison of iPhone 5 with Galaxy S3 – Video

Washable keyboard

First cities with 4g

Firefox OS shows its interface

Acer loses patience with Surface

Facebook forces employees to use Android

Google Grows Among Brazilians

New Microsoft Logo

Dell founder doesn't think PCs will disappear

Google wants to attract employees using algorithms

25 years of Street Fighter

Facebook leaks data from users


Open Suse logo Microsoft confirms desktop hegemony, Open Suse turns 20, Apple leaks user information, Google installs a data center in South America, and the surprising Linux triad.

Windows 7 the most used desktop system

20 years of Open Suse

How to create a Startup

Discovered a trojan horse for Linux

12 Million Apple Users Leak Information

New KDE Plasma-based Tablet

Google installing a data center in Chile

How to install Android SDK on Ubuntu Samsung processes Apple by iPhone ter 4g

The best file converter for Ubuntu

There are no more CDs from Ubuntu and Kubuntu

Ubuntu in schools

What's New in Firefox 18

Mandriva 2012's First Alpha

Nitrux cones on Ubuntu

Diolinux OS 2


Dream's End

This month we had more tutorials, and one of the things that struck me most in the year, the HTC Smartphone. We had the announcement of the return of Megaupload, Linus saying that the Hard Disk "demo thing", the news of the latest version of Android and the sad news of the passing of DreamLinux.

Installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Create your own Google Docs

DreamLinux be discontinued

Game characters become political candidates

HTC Smartphone Super Processor

Best Racing Game for Android – Free

Installing a LAMP server on Ubuntu 12.04

Linus Torvalds: "HD Devil Thing!"

Tips for Beginners

meet Nautilus Extra

Megaupload will be back!

Check out the news of Android Jelly Bean



Android gaming tips and the most angry post I saw this year on the blog, Fedora thinking of becoming a rolling release are highlights of this month.

The best RPG for Android

Google disables background images in search engine

Postal 2 for Linux

Fedora Rolling Release

Suicdio on Linux

When does Fedora 18 come out?

Making KDE Faster

Unity Engine Now Supporting Linux

released Linux Mint 14

Apple sues Android


Steam for Linux finally released

December, being the last month of the year recognized for ending cycles, and could not be otherwise, this was the month that officially launched Steam for Linux, the month I became addicted to Facebook game, figured out how to vectorize png images and jpg by Inkscape among other things.

But I would like to highlight two posts, one of them is defining the blog theme for next year, we want to be more comprehensive and talk about technology without Shiism, this was and always be the ideal blog, knowledge should be free, even if If you use proprietary platforms, we will be here to share with our readers everything that can help them in any way, and also, we have the post of thanks and recognition from all the people who were part of this blog, Check it out:

The most addictive games for Android

Dragon City almost like playing Pokemon on Facebook

Vectorizing images with Inkscape

Launched Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix

Installing the latest version of JAVA

Google Play now rents and sells movies and books

Downloading Youtube videos through the terminal

What should Diolinux look like in 2013?

GNU Foundation does not support any major distros

Instagram selling your photos

Steam for Linux Officially Released

Watch tv by computer!

Who made the Diolinux in 2012

I hope you enjoyed the 2012 Diolinux retrospective and remembering important moments of the coming year.

A big hug and happy holidays!

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