Restaurant Games (Free) for Android: see here.

Games are part of our daily lives and are just a tool to escape everyday activities.. With the advancement of technology, we have a huge range of options for various types of audiences.

Mobile phones have become real consoles and offer a very high possibility of interaction. Whether at home, on the bus, in the restaurant or in the grocery store queue, moments that could have been very tedious have now been completed with dynamic activities that can entertain us for hours.

Already in the early stages of social networks, began to be developed games with a more different character and which proved to be very fun. Restaurant games have gained popularity and continue to capture the public, having migrated to mobile. Check out 5 free restaurant games here for you to install and have fun on your Android:


Restaurant Games (Free) for Android: see here.

The game focuses on time management. You need to handle incoming orders to make sure they leave at the right time., requiring close attention and speed, so that all orders come out correctly. The player can use various recipes and various utensils in order to prepare the dishes, and as you fulfill the orders correctly, you earn money and can advance in the game.

This is a good game for those who have a limited internet package and / or do not stay long near a Wi-Fi network because possible to play it offline. The CookingCraze interface is very colorful and very interactive, allowing the player to have a good time.

Cooking Fever

Restaurant Games (Free) for Android: see here.

Very famous among games of this type, Cooking Fever is also a time management game. In him,you have a number of store options to run and over 400 recipes available. Be very careful to be able to fulfill customer requests, as they keep coming and often I need to race against time to cope with the challenges posed in this game.

Cooking Fever is very addictive, reasoning skills and speed are required, to handle order correctly. There are over 400 levels for you to complete, with hundreds of improvements to kitchen appliances and the interior.

Unlike CookingCraze, Cooking Feveryou need internet access to workbecause it uses a small amount of mobile data for game resources.

Sara's cooking

Restaurant Games (Free) for Android: see here.

This game has a different focus from the previous ones, having a more educational character. His goal teach recipes didactically, through tips offered by the protagonist of the game. Your concern will be more focused on the preparation of the dishes, and the application offers the possibility for you to create real dishes.

It's a real cooking class and you can learn how to make various recipes in a fun way. For those with cooking difficulties, this is a great opportunity to train your skills and learn how to make some dishes to impress your family and friends.

OrderUp !! To go

Restaurant Games (Free) for Android: see here.

Back to restaurant managers, in this game,You're a chef who needs to deliver tasty dishes to his waiting customers. But now you will have a more active role in the preparation of the dishes, having to really put your hands on the dough and use the touch of your mobile phone to chop vegetables, stir the broth, cut meat among many other activities performed to prepare a dish. dish – all while the customer waits. That is, you can not take too long to prepare the food.

It takes a lot of skills and a good time management to properly prepare the dish without the customer waiting too long.. This makes this game a great option for those who like restaurant games.

Restaurant Story 2

Restaurant Games (Free) for Android: see here.

This game moves a little deeper into restaurant involvement and, in addition to managing and preparing dishes, You also need to produce your own ingredients. It is an even greater possibility of involvement with the restaurant, which gives the player a complete experience in the business.

The game also allows you to customize your kitchen and It has several items to customize your restaurant and leave it more with your face.