Rest in peace, Withings: Nokia completes transition and French products begin to bear its name

Rest in peace, Withings: Nokia completes transition and French products begin to bear its name

The time has come: Withings, startup French manufacturer of health and wellness products that has conquered the world with refined design devices, simple operation and smart ideas, joins the list of promising manufacturers swallowed by a technology giant.

Yes, yes, we had known since April last year that the company had been bought by NokiaBut now only the final blow has come: the Finnish has finally completed the transition and from now on, all Withings products will carry their name, effectively killing the French brand at once.

Within Nokia, the products of the late Withings will be part of a new subdivision of the company, called Nokia Health. In addition, some devices will be discontinued, such as the praised Aura sleep monitor, and others will pause their sales as the praised smartwatch Withings Stell HR spends a few months off the shelves before returning with the new brand. Along with the change, other new products will be introduced; For example, the company has already announced the launch of a new smart balance called Nokia Body BMI and a new connected blood pressure monitor called Nokia BPM +.

In addition to these additions, Nokia has already made a good upgrade to the Health Mate application (now naturally called Nokia Health Mate). The new version of the app features a revamped interface, as well as eight-week programs to improve a range of aspects of everyday life, such as sleep or heart performance, as well as a pregnancy monitor.

Withings Health Mate app icon

Remember that Apple, one of Withings's great partners during its lifetime, has already re-sold Apple's accessories in its online and physical stores after a period of “ban” after Nokia's purchase (Nokia's). two companies, at the time, were in a thorny court battle). Now, with Withings products carrying the Finnish brand in the boxes, Ma is unlikely to stop offering the accessories, as all the sweeps with the maker of the unforgettable N-Gage are already resolved.

Lastly, just time to tell if the Finnish mythical company has any chance of getting back on track with this first wave of brand new products after all, remember, the (lauded) Nokia smartphones announced at MWC merely carry their name by license, but are manufactured by the automaker HMD.

It is true that getting back to the top of the consumer mind when it comes to technology companies is a basically impossible task, but if Nokia does a good job with Withings products and can bring interesting news in other segments, it can see a very pleasant future. ahead after years and years of questionable decisions.

via MacRumors