Responding by message to a call you can’t answer on iPhone

It must have already happened to you to receive a call at a time that it is not possible to answer, or waste time writing messages.

If it is someone who would be really important for you to respond, the situation can be alleviated with a automatic message, for the other person to know that you are aware that they have called. IOS allows this and we will show you how to do it here.

This is a function that not everyone knows, especially those who just buy the iPhone to use it, without reading the manual or looking on specialized websites (probably most users are like that). So, the tip is also good to indicate to relatives and friends who are less attuned to the news.

When receiving a call, the iPhone screen shows the name (or number) of the caller, a photo (if you registered with Contacts) and some options. One is that Message.

Touching it, the system gives you, while the device is still ringing, the option to send a pre-made message, with just a touch to send it.

If the other person is calling from an iPhone, the message is free and goes via iMessage; if it is from another phone, it will be sent by SMS (which may be charged, depending on your plan with the operator). Of course, if the call is made from a landline, the other person will not receive any messages.

IOS already has some ready-made options, but you can easily create your own messages. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Settings of the system.

Step 2: Touch the menu telephone.

Step 3: Choose option Reply with Text.

Step 4: Write in the spaces the phrases you want to appear automatically in the options when you call. That way, your answer will look more natural.

Give this tip to your friends who have an iPhone. For more tips on how to better use your iPhone and iPad, check out our tips section here on the Blog.