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The good thing about smartphones is that you can already take continuous photos with cameras that, in most cases, are of the highest quality. But photos often need to be retouched before being sent or displayed to friends. If you're one of those who got tired of Instagram effects, now there's an app called Resize Me! which may represent a new alternative. To learn more about him, just keep reading our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.2.2Root: NoMods: None

The Resize Me! It is a very useful app for editing photos directly on the smartphone. Of course, the alternatives that exist for PCs are much more numerous, given the existence of Photoshop. On mobile devices there are another five hundred and a few apps available and in general they are paid or so very limited in resources.

The Resize Me! It is an appallingly small app (it only occupies 600 kb) and already clearly introduces its main functions. The dark background menu offers three alternatives: options, upload a photo from the gallery or take a photo. That is, the app very simple and to the point.

Once the photo to be changed is uploaded, the user will be taken to a screen where you can choose several ways to edit the photos. Here you can rotate the photo 45 degrees or resize it in different formats: 3: 2, 3: 4, 4: 3, 4: 6, 6: 4 or the well-known Instagram 16/9. You can also customize a format. Once you have selected the part of the photo that interests you and its quality, simply crop and crop the desired outline.

Satisfactory result? It be saved between the images in your gallery. Unsurprisingly, the higher the quality for the photo, the more space it takes up in the phone's memory.


The Resize Me! a very simple app that lets you edit photos wherever they are. It is good that no one needs to have great knowledge of image editing programs to manage this app, since there is a well-defined preconfiguration in the app. Given its simplicity, Resize Me! It is recommended for all those who love to make photos and share them quickly via smartphone.

Screen & Controls

The Resize Me! It has simple and very intuitive controls. The icons allow you to distinguish the various possible options of the app. Virtual buttons could be more interestingly integrated with Android, as the app's Back button is right above the same button on the phone.

The Resize Me Design! Minimalistic with its black background. Three white icons lead the user to the main functions of the app. A tutorial is not required, ie the app easily adapts to beginners.

Speed ​​& Stability

The Resize Me! It worked very well on our test device and showed good speed and stability even in situations where it was necessary to save large format photos. We did not verify any interruption.

Price / Performance Ratio

The Resize Me! It is available for download on the AndroidPIT App Center and costs nothing. The app comes with advertising banners, which do not hinder its proper functioning.

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