[resenha] CSI Miami wins iPhone game

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THE Gameloft well that told us that we could wait for more games for the iPhone until the end of the year. Behold, it has just been released CSI: Miami, inspired by the eponymous TV series. It’s the IPhone Blog already tested it to say what you think.

The game is very well done and has everything you would expect from a mobile platform. Good graphics, good story, great integration with iPhone technologies. To unlock a door, for example, I had to make the same movements with my hand as if I were putting a hairpin in a lock. Pasta!

The story begins with the murder of a girl in South Beach and her goal is to conduct the investigation looking for clues and evidence to uncover the crime. For this, you count on the help of the team of CSI Miami: laboratory analysis, interrogations, search for clues and use of criminalistics instruments, which will enable you to advance your mission. All of this with the great implementation of touch screen iPhone / iPod touch. The game is well developed and will make you waste hours with it.

The game has five language options, but unfortunately Portuguese is not among them (for reasons explained by Gameloft itself). English, Spanish, French, German and Italian, European classics. On the iTunes page, Japanese and Korean are also indicated, which earned a low score in the evaluation of Jim a user who bought and did not find their language.

In addition to the normal story, there are also mini-games that will be unlocked as the game progresses.

Despite not having a Portuguese language option, the Brazil it is a fundamental part of the plot. The ending may not give us many reasons to be proud, but just seeing the Brazilian flag there is already worth it. ?

The game is compatible with any iPhone and iPod touch that has installed firmware 2.0 or later. It costs $ 7.99 (about R $ 18) and can be found directly at App Store American or Argentine. If you have not yet registered outside of Brazil, you can find out how to do on here or on here.