ResearchKit now contributes to studies on the health of pregnant women with the help of the WebMD Pregnancy app

Each day, the ResearchKit has contributed more to research carried out by doctors, scientists and others.

The initiative has already proved to be very reliable in data collection, helping with research on Parkinson's disease, autism, epilepsy and more.

This time, the framework of Apple is being used to obtain related data pregnancy.

The study is being carried out by WebMD a website that offers reliable health information together with Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) in order to contribute to a healthier pregnancy.

According to the director of STSI, Dr.

Eric Topol, "pregnant women are the least studied group in medical research" and he believes that the results obtained by the application developed through ResearchKit "will bring future mothers, researchers and to new health professionals insights doctors to avoid complications during pregnancy ”.

WebMD Pregnancy - ResearchKit

From the WebMD Pregnancy app, participants can contribute to the study by answering questions about the drugs they use, the vaccines they take during pregnancy, the position and size of the baby at that time, etc.

The biometric data analyzed includes hours of sleep and number of steps taken per day.

In addition to the research part, the app also offers a variety of data during pregnancy, in addition to information about the process, photos, social network, among other things.

It is available in English for devices with iOS 9 or later.

WebMD Pregnancy app icon

(via AppleInsider)