Researchers create new battery with triple capacity and full charge in minutes

We commented here recently about one of the biggest technology bottlenecks today: batteries. Year after year we see incredible developments in various hardware, but the scientific basis of a smartphone battery remains identical. There is nothing new on the horizon.

Yesterday came some interesting news that could change this scenario. A team of researchers at the University of Texas claims to have developed a battery with capacity three times higher, recharge time considerably smaller and much safer, called a completely solid state battery.

From time to time, we see news similar to this. As we have said, scaling the production of a new technology is very different from developing a prototype in the lab. Which leads me to believe that this may be different in this case? The project led byJohn B. Goodenough, 94-year-old scientist responsible for a few decades for the creation of lithium-ion batteries, present in almost all gadgets today.

According to the team, a new technology allows the battery not to ignite (Samsung jumping out of happiness?), Thanks to the removal of pieces of metal that separate the negative from the positive hair and the use of glass instead of liquid electrolytes. They also claim that the battery can be recharged in minutes and three times the current energy storage capacity, but keeping the same physical size.

The University of Texas would already be negotiating with some companies to make this technology available. Even so, large-scale distribution is probably still years away.

We can't jump out of happiness yet. Still.

(via PCWorld)