Researchers create integration between smartphone and artificial human skin

Researchers have created an interaction between human artificial skin and smartphones, the fabric made of silicone and mimics all possible skin properties without being alive. The research was developed by Telecom Paris and should be at least the most bizarre technological news you'll see today, watch the video below:

Through the skin you can control the smartphone and even other devices to which it is connected, such as smartwatches and notebooks. The design is so similar to a real skin that is scary, and comes in two versions, one simple (scary) and one ultra realistic (even scarier). The interactions are diverse, including motion movements, pinches, strokes and even blindness.

It works as a kind of case for the smartphone, its docking behind the back of the device, and the result is somewhat unobtrusive. According to the researchers, the study explains, through sensors and the human skin layer, how to reproduce visual, tactile and kinesthetic aspects of the largest organ in the human body.

The creator explains that silicone was the ideal material to use and that it is possible to have feedback on how people perceive the realism of recreation. From a gestural point of view, research can be useful in revealing how the gestures performed can be passed to other interfaces. There is still a sensory importance, demonstrating how our human skin reacts to touch.

For those who are motivated to create their own touch-sensitive human skin, the video below is a step-by-step demonstrating what I need to get it done. To begin, a thin layer of silicone is created, then it is necessary to sew electrode lines with a backing plate. Finally, you need to create a thicker layer of silicone, cut with a stylus and solder each wire to a specific plate. More details on this you can find on the search site.

Source: Marc Teyssier. (TagsToTranslate) gadgets (t) mobile (t) science