Research shows that the iPhone is more popular than ever in the USA; for analyst, average selling price will jump in 2018

At this point, the primer is basically designed: in the second half of the year, Apple will present a hecatomb that happens from now until three iPhones.

Two of them, specific updates to those we already have today; the third, a new model, with (supposedly) impressive features in celebration of the ten years since the advent of Ma's smartphone.

Many questions still hang in the air, but one of them is how far Apple can maintain its pioneering spirit in the smartphone market.

The general consensus among the specialized press is that Ma will have to turn around 30 to overcome formidable competitors that have emerged in recent months and I am not only talking about the incredible Galaxy S8, but also the LG G6, OnePlus 3T and even the Google Pixel , who already carries a semester (equivalent to decades in the world of technology) on his back.

Well, if we take into account this comScore survey, it can be said that Apple has everything to breathe easy.

According to the data, the iPhone has never been as popular as today in its main market, the American.

And, to improve it, the largest share of Ma's smartphone owners still carries the 6 / 6s models, that is, the arrival of the “iPhone 8” will certainly be an attractive one for both users in other words, the market will be "Ripe" for a "super cycle" of updates for more than 30 million users.

Number of iPhones in use in the United States over the years

Entering exact numbers, the firm estimates that they exist today 85.8 million iPhones in use in the USA considering only users 13 years or older.

Of these, 7.5 million are iPhones 7, 5.1 million are iPhones 7 Plus and 3 million are iPhones SE.

IPhones 6 and 6s represent the largest share, with 33.4 million devices, while iPhones 6 Plus / 6s Plus also have excellent share, with strangely 15 million devices, for these generations, the firm separated the models by size, not by generation.

Those who also still have a considerable share are the iPhones 5, 5s and 5c, which, together, still represent 17.8 million of the iPhones universe in the country.

The older models 3G, 4 and 4s (and probably the 3GS, which was probably not mentioned by mistake) are still 4.1 million.

If this isn't a testament to the long average life of an iPhone, I don't know what.

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While the figures above point to a very positive 2018 year for Apple in relation to its smartphones, at least, an analyst's prediction may play slightly against this prospectus.

According to the Business Insider, Katy Huberty, of Morgan Stanley, estimates that the iPhone's ASP will rise significantly next year.

According to the analyst, the number will rise to $ 753 in 2018, against the current $ 675.

The reasons are clear: the growing popularity of Plus models, which are naturally more expensive, and also the expectation of the arrival of the “iPhone X” / ”iPhone 8”, which, it seems, will be even more expensive than the most expensive current models and can cross the dreaded $ 1,000 barrier.

The analyst, however, corroborates the opinion that 2018 will be a year of “super cycle” for Apple, in which a large number of users update their iPhones by newer models, bringing an above-normal profit for the company, that is, even paying more, everything indicates that the faithful audience of Ma's smartphones will maintain (and even expand) their loyalty throughout the coming year.

To be?

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