Research shows that sales of smart watches increased 60%, against falling news

Research shows that sales of smart watches increased 60%, against falling news

In July, consultancy IDC reported that the smart watches registered a 32% drop in sales. In October, she stated that the number of the fall was an incredible 70%, which seemed to show that, really, “the fashion of smartwatches”Hadn't caught on.

However, contrary to all these news, the Canalys presented a survey that shows a increase in sales of smart watches and that much of this percentage has to do with the presence of Apple in the market.

With the recent launch of the Apple Watches Series 1 and 2 in the third quarter of 2016, Ma has achieved the feat of selling more than 2.8 million units. When compared to the same quarter last year (the first three months of complete sales of the first generation Apple Watch), Canalys recorded more than 6 million units of smartwatches sold, resulting in an increase of 60%.

Canalys smart watches research

As can be seen in the chart above, the company that currently dominates the market is Apple (46%), followed by Samsung (18%), Fitbit (17%), Garmin (3%) and Pebble (2%). Although IDC also registered that Ma leads the market, it showed 41% and there was a big discrepancy when it came to second only to Garmin (21%), followed by Samsung (14%), Lenovo and Pebble (with 3% each). IDC showed that these devices “are not for everyone”, however Canalys prefers to wait for the end of the year to form an opinion.

According to Jason Low, an analyst at Canalys, the slow pace of the iPhone was a factor that affected consumer interest in Watch, citing that Ma needs to expand to other countries, mainly in China. In this country the market managed to grow 42%, even with the delay of the launch of Android Gear 2.0 and Gear S3; a great ally for this growth was Huami's first wearable (Xiaomi partner), which launched the Amazfit smart watch with satisfactory quality and lower prices (around US $ 120).

Even though Canalys is actually growing rather than falling, it is known that the simplest garments are ahead in this race. The survey shows that the smart bracelet market achieved an 18% increase, selling more than 11 million units by the third quarter of 2016.

The clothing market in general (watches and bracelets) managed to increase 31% and definitely shows us that the situation is not as critical as we thought. 😝

(via TechCrunch)