Research shows that developers are not very satisfied with the Mac App Store

Research involving Mac App Store they're not that common, so whenever one comes up, it's worth analyzing your data. This week, one conducted by the DevMate service (an app development and distribution platform) showed us developers are not so happy with the store.

The differences between the Mac App Store (from OS X) and the App Store (from iOS) are big, starting with the requirement for an application for iPads and iPhones / iPods touch to be distributed through the Apple mobile operating system store; on OS X, the developer can distribute both by MAS and on their own, on their own website / store. precisely at this point in which the research focuses.

Mac App Store Survey

According to a study carried out with 700 developers, 22.6% distribute their apps exclusively through MAS while 34.9% sell their creations outside the store. There are also those who prefer to be everywhere (42.4%), distributing their apps on MAS and on their own websites, in order to reach everyone and everything.

Even though there are more apps being sold outside than inside MAS, the Apple store still has a small advantage over revenue (52% of these developers' revenue is inside the store, while 48% outside). But those who think it helps to promote it are mistaken.

Mac App Store Survey

46% of developers do not recommend it as the only way to distribute apps to colleagues or people who are entering the market now; 22.6% believe in the store's benefits and recommend it to others. This is, of course, among the developers who are inside the store; among those who are not, 98% do not recommend it.

Mac App Store Survey

Another important point of the survey reveals that 62.3% of developers do not think it is fair for Apple to keep 30% of the revenue from sales of apps.

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And these are just a few points covered by DevMate. If you are a developer, it is undoubtedly worth analyzing the entire study carefully.

Overall, the survey shows that the overall dissatisfaction of developers with MAS is great. Phil Schiller recently became responsible for Apple's app stores and some changes have already been implemented (such as faster approvals, sponsored searches and new subscription options). Let's hope that tomorrow Apple will show us more news and please both developers and users.

(via The Next Web)