Gartner and IDC place Apple among the top five computer makers

Research proves that Mac users are more individualistic and design oriented

After analyzing a survey answered by 76,000 owners of Macs and PCs dealing with various subjects about aesthetics, diverse choices and personal traits, Hunch came to the conclusion that Apple computer owners are more individualistic and design oriented than other people. This has reference to several other personal factors that were considered common among Ma users, such as the need to be noticed as unique, preference for strong colors, more conservative visual styles and interest in independent productions.

Mac family

There are many differences between these two categories of computer owners that, if true as the research says, would be barely noticeable. For example, Mac users are more likely to express themselves individually, as the way Apple grants them a user interface and all of their applications is also unique and special.

On the other hand, those who use PCs are not focused on feeling unique, that is, they are looking for more practical life paths. Apparently, it is not clear to these people what can be ideal in different areas, as they have a greater focus on results than on the way in which they are obtained.

The complete table with all the questions asked by Hunch can be found here. If you pay close attention, see many responses influenced by Steve Jobs' keynotes

(via 9 to 5 Mac)