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Research: for the first time, global use of iOS is below that of the Android system

THE Android already passed the iOS in market share for a long time. However, users of iPads and iPhones / iPods touch are much more active than those of devices with Google's mobile operating system, and because of that, even with less participation, iOS was still the leader in terms of use.

Now, however, according to the latest data from Net Applications, iOS is behind this metric, with 44.1% against 44.6% for Android.

It is worth noting that, while Android has about 85% of market share in the world (thanks to the low-cost phone market, also known as low-end), iOS has ?only? 11.9%. Analyzing the usage numbers with this information in mind, we see that users of iGadgets still interact much more with their products than those using the Android system.

(via 9to5Mac)