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Repost for Instagram – How to repost in the feed? Application Evaluation!

O Instagram It is one of the biggest and most used social networks of the moment and to be able to stand out you need tools in addition to those it offers.

Did you know that Instagram already has a feature that you can use to share what your friends post? Now you can get excited when you see a publication you loved.

But as it has not yet been launched in the traditional feed, you can use the app for android and IOS: Repost for Instagram. The free application and very simple to use, aims to enable the user to repost a photo or video from another account.

Repost for Instagram

How to repost something in the feed?

To repost a photo or video in the feed, log into the Instagram app and choose the photo or video you want to republish. In the upper right corner of the media, click on the three dots and selectCopy link.

Open Repost for Instagram then you will see that the application automatically shows the selected media. Click on the post and the app will open a new tab. If you have an Android smartphone, you can choose which corner of the media you want to place the repost logo on, you can also choose the color of the brand (white or black). For those who use iOS do not have this option of choice.

Then on Android: Click the buttonRepostso that the application copies the caption of the original publication automatically. click inOpen Instagramand the app redirects you to the media editing part, already inside Instagram. Then just paste the caption in the text field or write whatever you prefer. click inTo shareand the publication will be reposted in the feed.

Repost for Instagram

For those who use iPhone, it is not possible to put the Repost logo. Click the buttonRepostand the app will show you three options:

  • Copy & Open Instagram;
  • Copy Caption;
  • Cancel.

click inCopy & Open Instagramthen chooseFeed. You will be redirected to Instagram for the media to be edited. Then just paste the caption in the text field and share.

If you access a lot through the computer, there is a Repost option available within the Postgrain. With your account open on the platform, clickRepostin the left menu and insert the link of the publication you want to repost (the platform accepts YouTube video links too!).

Click on Search Postgrain will automatically open the media with the caption of the original publication, ready for you to post. Choose if you want to post at that moment or if you want to schedule a time for the post to enter Instagram.

Application rating


  • The application is very simple and practical to use;
  • Its beautiful and intuitive system;
  • It costs nothing to download, free.


  • Because it is free, it features many advertisements. If the user feels very uncomfortable, it is possible to pay to use the app without advertisements;
  • Another negative point is the need to credit the author. Even if it is correct to credit a photo or video of someone, it is not possible to choose to place the credits only in the form of a caption. But it is also possible for the user to take a print of the desired photos, but it is already beyond the purpose of the application.

How to download repost for Instagram?


AtGooglePlay Store search forRepost for Instagram, click install and ready, within seconds you will have the app installed on your phone.


Red Cactus has an iOS app on the App Store. You can download Repost for Instagram on iPhone and follow the same steps as Android to repost photos and videos on your profile. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Repost for Instagram

How much does it cost to download repost for Instagram?

As already mentioned above, it is a free application, even getting many advertisements it is still worth downloading it at no cost.

Why repost content on Instagram

  • A trend used among marketers, the content generated by the user is a strategy to create exceptional material;
  • Known as UGC (user generated content), the content generated by the user is any video, photo or comment that a consumer spontaneously produced about his brand;
  • In addition to having low production costs, the content generated by the user still gives you much greater social support because someone who is common speaking your brand well.

this is where the repost feature comes in. In addition to bringing humanity to your business and bringing you closer to consumers, sharing publications from followers still fulfills the goal of posts for the week.