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Report once again talks about the possibility of Apple producing TV content

At the end of August last year, the Variety launched a curious rumor: according to her, Apple would have plans to start create own content for TV probably in order to generate more value for its rumored service of streaming subscription videos.

Two months later, in an interview for CNN, the senior vice president of software and internet services at Apple was questioned and ended up throwing a bucket of cold water over the rumor. Eddy Cue practically denied that Apple would have plans like that, saying it "loves working with its partners". At least, after all, it would become a competitor to companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon in this segment.

But today the TheStreet he threw fuel on the fire again. According to sources in the vehicle, Apple has already met with producers / executives in Hollywood but so far no contract has been signed. In addition to Cue, the vice president of content at iTunes, Robert Kondrk, would also be involved in the negotiations.

The company's idea, according to the TheStreet, announce the news in September around the time of the iPhone 7 launch (although information has recently emerged about the various difficulties that Apple would be facing). These TV programs are not only intended for the subscription service, but are also sold la carte through the iTunes Store.

I don't know if this is too much "the beach" at Apple, but the fact is that she has plenty of money to invest if she finds it valid.

(via MacRumors)