Replicant: Android OpenSource

Replicant: FSF wants to create a fully open source Android

Fully Open Source Android designed by Free Software Foundation

A fully open source mobile system

Although Android is a Linux-based operating system, it does not follow all the principles of free software, but it does not. Even if you go to see very few unknown distros are part of what the FSF (Free Software Fundation) calls "within the Free Software standards". Thinking about it and looking at the Mobile market that has gained a lot of prominence in recent years, making many companies and organizations involved with SL projects enter the business like Canonical with Ubuntu Edge and even the Vivaldi, the Tablet with KDE, Free Software Foundation wants to create a version of Android that contains completely free software. Replicant: Android OpenSource

But the original Android in Free Software?

Yes and no, parts of the code are really free software, and most of the codes that Google has developed are, except for a few restrictions, but when Android is embedded in smartphones from other companies such as Samsung and HTC the insertion of proprietary drivers into the system is given. so that it works on a particular platform, making Android have much more closed than open software.


The project is being called a Replicant and is already under development, but it supports very few devices, which is why FSF launched a fundraising campaign port the Replicant to the largest number of devices possible. The idea is really only to use free open source applications based on the Open Source market. F-Droid. What did you think about the initiative?

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