replacement of iPhones batteries in Brazil will have a price reduction even greater than in the United States [atualizado]

And EXAME was wrong: replacement of iPhones batteries in Brazil will have a price reduction even greater than in the United States [atualizado]

A few hours ago, we reproduced a story from EXAM which informed, after consultation with the press office of Apple Brazil, that the discount announced by Ma for the replacement of iPhones batteries would not reach our country.

In the post, editor Bruno Santana not only played a ?joke?? in the title as he wrote the following, in his conclusion:

so absurd, incidentally, that we cannot rule out the possibility of a simple mismatch of information between the EXAM and Apple Brazil. You never know: perhaps the magazine has consulted a press office area that is not yet familiar with the polemic (which is impermissible, but it can happen). Perhaps the company has not yet decided what its plan of operation in Brazil will be and has chosen to issue this surreal statement. Or am I being naive?

No, dear Bruno, you were fortunately not naive. fact that Brazil often overlooked by Apple, but this time yes we will be, within this worldwide reduction in the price charged by the company to replace the batteries of iPhones. And we will receive an even greater benefit (!) Than that offered in the United States.

By then, Apple in January cut the price from $ 79 to $ 29, down 63%. Here in Brazil, the cut will be a little bigger than we bet: from R $ 449, interested parties will pay R $ 149 by exchange 67% less.

The official information from Apple Brazil, which from yesterday to today translated the open letter released yesterday and, in it, disclosed how much the cut will be in our country. That is, the EXAM spoke a lot of nonsense probably because of Apple Brasil’s own press office, hasty and / or poorly informed.

Nothing to be applauded for Apple, however. This is the minimum that we, as loyal consumers, should expect from her.

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Update 12/31/2017 s 10:11

Initially, the R $ 300 reduction in the price of replacing batteries for out-of-warranty iPhones would happen sometime in January 2018, thus allowing the company to better prepare itself to receive customers. Now, however, Apple has reported that the ?exchange program? is already in place and will occur, as reported, until December 2018; that is, if you are dissatisfied with the performance of your battery and have an iPhone 6 or higher, you can change your battery within up to 12 months.

The measure should apply to all countries where the company is operating and offering the exchange of batteries with reduced price; with this ?anticipation?, however, it is quite possible that the initial stocks are not there

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