Renowned hacker creates first firewall VPN for iOS

Renowned hacker creates first firewall VPN for iOS

Apps that offer navigation VPN on iOS already there are plenty of us, including, we already deal with the subject here. Now an app that links VPN with a firewall to protect your browsing on iPhone / iPad, not just Safari, but overall device activity? This is a novelty!

exactly this the proposal of the Guardian Firewall, a service developed by renowned hacker and security researcher Will strafach, also known as @Chronic (who has painted here several times detailing breaches and vulnerabilities of the Apple ecosystem) and at Sudo Security Group. The iOS app promises to make your browsing safer, faster and easier to use, without compromising the battery or internet speed.

When you browse, the firewall automatically filters out all your personal data, preventing websites and services from following you over the internet and using your information as an advertising targeting tool. In addition to preserving your web browsing, Guardian Firewall scans the App Store regularly for vulnerabilities, privacy issues, and trackers invasive, disabling unwanted agents in your applications.

In the "Alerts" tab of the application, the user will be able to check all occurrences when some kind of data was blocked and which site or app was trying to access it, and a notification warn whenever this happens; the information is all updated in real time and encrypted to the AES-256 standard, so no one else can access it. In addition, by having navigation redirected to external servers, the app's creators have stated that Guardian improves the performance of your device and does not affect battery life.

All of this protection, of course, comes at a cost: by signing in and activating Guardian Firewall, all your browsing on the iPhone or iPad goes through the service's servers, which is exactly the part of the process that ensures your security and anonymity. Those responsible for the app ensure that all data is discarded immediately and there is no user tracking whatsoever. As the service privacy policy states:

For the life of our company, Guardian Firewall has adopted a tried and true business model: accepting money for a product that people find useful. Nothing more than this. We will never track our users. We will never collect personal data from our users. We consider data a liability. Each of our technical design decisions is built around this concept.

Obviously, however, the use of the service requires high doses of confidence in its creators; In this case, it's up to everyone to research the developers' reputation and think about it. John Gruber (Apple Guru), at least, has strongly recommended the service.

Guardian Firewall will soon be available for free on the App Store and cost $ 10 monthly to have your full service activated; There will also be the free option to enable only the platform VPN without data protection.

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