Renowned engineer Chris Lattner, formerly Apple and Tesla, is now Google

Renowned engineer Chris Lattner, formerly Apple and Tesla, is now Google

The life of the most celebrated engineers in the Silicon Valley must be curious, entering and leaving some of the largest technology companies in the world as if changing clothes. Let it say Chris Lattner: the professional, considered a legend within Apple and one of the main responsible for the creation of the Swift language, suddenly left Cupertino towards Tesla in January this year. A mere six months later, however, Lattner took the world by surprise by announcing that he was leaving the Elon Musk giant without revealing the reason for such a turnaround.

Now, well, at least we already know the fate of the engineer and, forgive me for saying that there is nothing new in what I will say next. Yes, obviously Lattner is going to Google.

I am very excited to join Google Brain next week: artificial intelligence cannot democratize on its own (yet?) So I will help make it more accessible to everyone!

Like himself tweet already makes it clear, the engineer moves to Mountain View with the sole and clear objective of participating in Google Brain, the deep learning research project (deep learning) of the search giant. More precisely, as informed by the Bloomberg, Lattner is dedicated to developing a new software language called TensorFlow, which aims to simplify the steps for programming artificial intelligence systems.

Oh, well. We hope Lattner will be happy and productive in his new endeavor. After all, it doesn't matter where he is: we all win with his talent being put into practice.