Apple Watch Series 4 concept

Renders show what the “Apple Watch Series 4” should look like with a bigger screen

As soon as the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo gave his guesses about the next gadgets from Apple, due to be launched this second half, rumors about a larger display in the next generation of Apple Watch have surfaced – and now with illustrations to represent the device.

According to Kuo, the screens of the new Apple Watches will be 1.47 ″ and 1.78 ″ – for the 38mm and 42mm models, respectively -, against 1.32 ″ and 1.5 ″ for current watches. However, there is a possibility for Apple to expand the display without increasing the physical dimensions of the gadget wearable, as Ben Geskin imagined us renders that illustrate this article.

Apple Watch Series 4 concept

As pointed out in the design, the next generation of the Apple Watch may adopt leased corners on the display, following the external format of the device. In addition, reducing the distance between the frame and the display (bezels) can maximize the screen area, as on the iPhone X.

Apple Watch Series 4 concept

If these rumors are confirmed, it is likely that the displays of the 38mm and 42mm models will increase by about 38% and 35% respectively, according to accounts made by Ryan Jones.

Here are the exact designs of the Apple Watch Series 4 scale based on the rumors. Note that the [relógio] 38mm will be larger than the current 42mm screen! ?

Here, developers for Watch, I added screen dimensions in millimeters and pixels.

38mm Series 4 has 38% more screen area. 42mm Series 4 has 35% more screen area.

This change could significantly increase user interaction with Force Touch, compared to current models. In addition, the Apple Watch displays and complications can be further customized and, obviously, the extra space would be welcome for viewing texts.

Apple Watch Series 4 concept

According to MacRumors, sources at Apple’s supply chain said Apple is likely to adopt microLED displays in the next generation of Apple Watch. This technology can contribute to the next gadgets are even thinner and lighter compared to current models, allowing Apple to better develop other hardware components (such as the battery).

Apple Watch Series 4 concept

True or not, we will actually see what the future generation of Apple Watch will be like at the Apple event, which is due to take place in September this year. And you, what did you think of the ideas / rumors?

via MacRumors