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Renders Show Another Option for Future Three-Camera iPhone

That some 2019 iPhone probably the successor of XS Max, the most expensive in the line will win a third rear camera, that everyone already knows. Apple simply follows a trend that has already been started among Asian manufacturers and it is very difficult for plans to change by September.

The big question that still surrounds us: how can Ma do this without compromising the look of the rear of the device? The first option shown in renders Last week was not very pleasant, with a huge square and nothing harmonious on the back surface of the iPhone. Now we have a little bit more, let's say, a nice alternative.

Render of a possible iPhone XS Max successor with three rear cameras

O leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, known by the nickname OnLeaks, announced through the Indian website CompareRaja, renders of one of the possible projects that Apple would be working on for the successor of the iPhone XS Max. In addition to the already speculated small size cropping, here we have a very significant change in the positioning of the cameras, which would occupy the upper central portion of the rear surface. of the device.

The trio of lenses would fit into a compact, horizontally arranged aperture and with the flash surrounding the central camera, the cam of the camera module would even be much less pronounced than in current models. Below, we will have one of the microphones of the device.

The rest of the familiar design, with the right-hand outside button and volume buttons, as well as the left-hand silent mode switch. According to Hemmerstoffer, renders they are “100% legitimate” prototypes, that is, Apple has actually considered or is considering a design along these lines, but may rule it out for some other option as the devices are still in the design phase.

Render of a possible iPhone XS Max successor with three rear cameras

Still on the camera trio of the future iPhone, it is worth reading this article of MacRumors, which lists the main possibilities brought by the novelty. Just Three: An improved 3D sensor that would give ARKit-based applications even greater power to “read” environments and position virtual objects; optical zoom increase to up to 3x magnification depending on the aperture of each lens; and finally, better performance in low light settings, with a dedicated lens capturing more bright spots making the iPhone finally compete with the amazing mode Night sight of Google Pixel 3 smartphones.

What did you think?

via MacRumors