Remote Play Together: Play local multiplayer matches with your friends over the internet

O Remote Play Together A new feature in Steam, which allows users to play local multiplayer matches even in different places.

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Nowadays it is extremely common that you can play your games with your friends over the internet. Multiplayer games, or having this mode, are increasingly common, are preferred in millions of libraries of players in the world. However, there are still many games that offer only the good old local multiplayer. Where usually two or three / four players need to be in the same place, thus sharing the screen or sharing it.

The obvious problem with games that have only local multiplayer, which to take advantage of this functionality requires that both people are in the same place, is often not possible for a variety of reasons. Maybe the person you want to play with lives too far away, or both can't be in the same place at the same time.

The goal of Remote Play Together is just to solve this kind of situation, and to give players the ability to play a local multiplayer over the internet.

Valve has not officially released this new functionality to the public, but the information has been published on Steamworks. A site that only company developers have access to. As a result, the information was eventually leaked by some of Valve's own devs, as you can see in the tweet below:

Today our team announced another new feature to be included in Steam: Remote Play Together. This will allow friends to play local multiplayer games over the internet, as if they were together in the same room.

In short, what Remote Play Together will do is stream your screen to the computer of the person you want to play with, and transmit the controls controls from that person's computer to yours. Another plus point is that even if only one person owns the game, both can play smoothly. Since the game is only installed on the host machine, and the guest is playing via streaming.

Remote Play Together will be free, and will work solely with games that have local multiplayer with shared screen, or split-screen. As can be seen in the tweet below:

In free translation:

For clarity: Only work with shared or split screen games. Your screen will be shared with your friend, while his controller entries will be sent back to the game running on your machine. So both will be playing the same game, and looking at the same screen.

Of course, to have a good experience with the functionality it will be necessary for both parties to have good internet connections and low latency in order to avoid problems such as delayed response to the guest player giving commands in their control. Remote Play Together should be available in Steam Beta from the week of October 21st.

I wonder if this could be some response from Steam competition from other launchers like the Epic Games Store, and the newer Rockstar launcher. After all, if there is something we are all bald to know, competition always tends to improve the service or product offered by competitors.

What did you think of the new service? Be really useful? Do you have any games in which you can use this new feature? I have none at the moment. But I plan to buy Cuphead in the future (just to get angry), and apparently through this feature it will be possible to get angry playing with a friend.

Now what remains for us to wait for the official release, and test.

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