Reminder: on iOS 11, you can now configure different actions for the left and right AirPods

We covered this news here on the site a few months ago, but now that the iOS 11 it's in everyone's hands, it's worth the reminder.

For those who own AirPods, it is now possible to configure separate actions for each side within Bluetooth settings and touching the "i" on the right of your AirPods (do this with them in the ears, connected to the iPhone).


In the area “Double tap on the AirPod”, it is now possible to set the left side to call Siri and the right to advance the track, for example. Other options include play / stop, previous track or, if you want, you can disable double tap on one or both sides.

There is still no time to adjust the playback volume directly by AirPods (I believe that this will only come with a new generation of hardware, really), but this novelty in iOS 11 alone already greatly improves my assessment in the “Actions by touches” part of my full review of Ma wireless headphones.

Take advantage of that their stocks are now finally normalized and, of course, watch our video in which I show the different ways to switch the use of AirPods between your devices. 😉



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