Remind Bento Rodrigues through Google Maps

Bento Rodrigues was a subdistrict of the Brazilian municipality of Mariana, located 124 km away from the capital Belo Horizonte.

In 2015, it had an estimated population of 600 residents, occupying about 200 properties, when it was totally swallowed up by the biggest environmental disaster in the history of Brazil.

On November 5, 2015, a dam that contained tailings from the extraction and processing of iron ore broke, causing the city to plunge into a mass of toxic mud that practically swallowed all the houses, animals and left more than 15 people missing.

Although the Google Maps service does not have a complete set of images of the district, users can still reminisce and visit part of the city that has disappeared from the maps forever.

Use this link to visit the district entrance and make a short visit around the Chapel of São Bento.