Remember to send your messages with the Scheduled app for iPhone

It is practically impossible to count on my fingers the times I remembered to send a message to someone but it was too late (or too early) and it could disturb the person, or it was simply not the time to send someone's birthday yet. example.

In these situations, we often just let it go (and, when we should send it, we end up forgetting it) or writing it down somewhere random and forgetting it too.

A feature that would be much desired in messaging applications would be the possibility of schedule our messages it would be incredible, wouldn't it? However, while we don't have it yet, how about using the app Scheduled to make the job easier?

Scheduled app icon

This app allows you to select anyone from your contact list, write a message and select a date and time for sending and only! Incidentally, he send the messages in fact, just reminds you to send.

When you receive the notification and touch it, the only thing you need to do is choose a messenger to send the message.

It is all in English, but there is no problem if you do not know the language, since the options are quite simple.

First, you tap the write new message icon (similar to Mail); touching the first field ("To Whom?"), you choose from your contact list who you want to send the message to.

In the second field (“Your Personal Message”), you write your message however you want.

Just below, by touching "When", the familiar carousel appears to choose the day and time you want to send the message (if your device is in Portuguese, the carousel will also be, fortunately).

Finally, you can select or not the option “Repeat Next Year?”(“ Repeat next year? ”) Great for remembering birthdays or some kind of recurring celebration.

Finally, choose "Schedule Message".

On the home page, the app will show you a list of scheduled messages, which will only disappear when they are actually sent.

Another superb option is to import birthdays: tap the gear in the left corner of the app and choose "Import birthdays"; Then, all your contacts with your registered birthdays will appear in the initial list, already configured with the message "Happy Birthday 🎉🎈" (yes, in Portuguese) to be sent annually at midnight on that date.

The main messengers are already present in the app (WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram, Twitter and even voice call), but soon LinkedIn and Slack will also be added.

An integration for the Apple Watch and Android support are also in the company's plans.

The option of automatically sending messages is something that many ask for, but one of the creators, Robert Keus, told the TechCrunch that the Apple platform does not facilitate this, other than helping people to interact.

We are investigating the options (for automatic shipment), but it is technically difficult.

And our concept is to support people to be considerate.

If we have automatic shipping, people can come to act as robots.

You can download Scheduled for free from the App Store and have up to three messages in the queue.

If you want to enjoy unlimited messages, I need to pay $ 1 for this.

The app is very simple, but it can be really handy.