‚ÄėRemember the Milk‚Äô now has native app for iPhone and iPod touch

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THE Remember the Milk (RTM) is a well-known task manager, especially after winning the Best Web Application at the Apple Design Awards 2008 last June.

The service has now launched a native application for the iPhone and iPod touch, available on App Store (including the Brazilian).

What does the program do? Manages tasks and commitments, those that we insist on forgetting or leaving for later. With RTM, you can organize your time management in a practical and modern way.

The application is all translated into Brazilian Portuguese. It can be downloaded for free, but your RTM account will only work for 15 days. After that it is necessary to become PRO to continue using the service, paying an annual fee of 25 dollars.

Apart from this issue, the service is very interesting. The first thing it requires is that you register on their website. After that it is possible to start configuring your data. I advise you to do this directly on the website using a normal computer, as there are more options there, such as configuring places (with the help of Google Maps), creating names of lists and tags, which will be automatically synchronized with the iPhone.

The app has great bids. One is that you determine the location of your appointments, which allows the program to highlight which tasks you have to do close to where you are, thanks to the device’s GPS (on the iPhone 3G) or the triangulation of the cell / wi antennas -fi.

To add tasks, you have several different ways. In addition to being able to include it directly on the application or on their homepage, it is also possible by email. They provide a personal address (like blogdoiphone###@rmilk.com) where any message sent to him becomes an appointment on your list. Very practical.

The service also allows RSS follow-up, thus making it possible to be always up to date with your commitments.

It is worth at least trying it out for 15 days. If you like it, it’s the kind of thing that helps you a lot in your daily life.

To learn more about the service, access the explanatory tour.