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Remains: One of the best shooting games for Linux so far

Choose your weapons and build your strategy

Alright guys? Today I come to add another super game to our famous series of Linux Games, this game really made me very excited and I think it is one of the best shooter games for Linux that exist so far, obviously not counting paid titles, Remais totally free and developed in Unity.

Remains for Linux

There is no definite story, you only need to protect some people, but protect from what Diolinux?

Look, the game calls the monsters zombies, some really look like, but over time new monsters appear and are of all kinds and very bizarre! There's one more monster orgy with ghost and zombie.

An excellent shooting game for Linux


The game has the same commands as any first person shooter game, W, A, S and D controls the character, with the mouse you aim and shoot as well as position items by the way that will help your defense. The movements have a good response and the average graphic if we compare with today's games, to change weapons just use the numeric alpha keypad numbers.

Paddles for Linux

Weapons and Strategies

This is one of the points that I liked the most, instead of just shooting everything that moves you should install some features in your base to help protect, traps, barricade bombs, lance flames and other items.

When it comes to weapons there are various types, pistol, shootgun, Uzi, AK, Bazooka, Sniper, just a few examples of weapons available, but you should choose from all available items including weapons and utilities to help protect only nine to take to the weapon. phase or that makes things a little more difficult.

Other Linux Game

The indie game is still in the testing phase, play this demo and send the feedback to the developers, it sure is worth it!

To play just unzip the file and execute the binary file with two clicks. If you have difficulty running a game posted here access our tutorial at the link below:

NOTE: Notice the video running behind the game in Totem? He is the tip of the next game that will be posted, you know which one?

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