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Relive the nostalgia of classic games with Snake

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In the pre-iPhone era, when the notion of applications for cell phones was still very primitive, one of the most popular games was the snake that grew according to the number of balls it ate. The bigger it got, the more difficult the game became, because the snake couldn’t touch anything, not even the body itself. The most nostalgic will now be able to kill their homesickness with the game Snake, by the Brazilian Saulo Souto.

The game was at the top of the most downloaded list a few weeks ago and now receives a slight update, with the inclusion of three game modes: classic, without walls and with obstacles.

Controls have also been improved, making them more precise. There is also the possibility to choose between 9 different colors, to vary the look.

THE Snake is available on the App Store (link), for the price of $ 0.99. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, OS 3.1.2.

We have 10 copies of the game to distribute among our readers and for that reason we will also make a draw with everyone who signs up through a form. You must complete everything correctly (including full name) to compete. One entry per person.

The form is below. If you are viewing this page on your iPhone or iPod touch, tap here.