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Relive the era of autorama with the Brazilian game Vector Race: Toy Car Track

If the idea of ??playing autorama With your friends arouse your nostalgic spirit, you certainly enjoy this game created by the Brazilian Rafael Forbeck, student at Apple Developer Academy Curitiba (PR).

Vector Race: Toy Car Track It's a little game for iPhones and iPads with very simple mechanics: you have a clue (among several that can be chosen) and, as in the best authors, just a button to speed up or slow down your car its only function will be faster than your friends without overdose not to overturn.

Vector Race app icon

The game faithfully reproduces the physics of a real autorama and can be played alone trying to win the golden trophy on each circuit or with up to four friends gathering around the iPhone or iPad; each corner of the screen has the button of one of the competitors.

For those interested in the world of auto games, by the way, an interesting detail that the music of the game was composed especially for him by Barry Leitch, celebrated composer who signs the soundtrack of extremely popular titles in Brazil, such as Top Gear and Horizon Chase.

Vector Race: Toy Car Track can be downloaded for free from the App Store, but its full version is unlocked with an internal purchase of $ 7. It is worth checking!