Registration of new iPad appears in Eurasian database [atualizado: manuais na China]

There’s no way: Eurasian Economic Commission (Eurasian Economic Commission, or EEC) always denounces some Apple releases. That’s because any device (not just Apple, of course) sold in Russia and in some other countries in the region, by law, needs to be registered if it has any features related to encryption.

Well now there painted a new registration identified by the code A2229, defined as an “Apple brand tablet” that runs iPadOS 13. For now we only have this registered model, but it is quite possible that another one will appear soon since Wi- Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular need separate records.

There is no more information about the device, but rumors say that new iPads Pro will be launched in the not too distant future, with a new camera system.

This, however, does not mean that the launch is imminent: the third generation iPad Air and the fifth generation iPad mini, for example, appeared in the EEC database seven weeks before the launch in March 2019; the 10.2-inch iPad in turn was listed just under nine weeks before its launch in September 2019.

In other words, we may have to wait a while, but the signs of a new iPad Pro are everywhere.


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Update, for Rafael Fischmann Mar 17, 2020 at 08:10

Putting more fuel into the rumor of new iPad Pro coming soon, the blog iPhone in Canada said today that references to four new models not yet released – including the one he painted in Eurasia – were found on that page on Apple’s Chinese website.

For a short time, there were these four lines there:

• 11-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi: A2228; CMIIT ID: 2019AJXXXX • 11-inch iPad Pro Cellular: A2231; CMIIT ID: 2019AJXXXX • 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi: A2229; CMIIT ID: 2019AJXXXX • 12.9-inch iPad Pro Cellular: A2233; CMIIT ID: 2019AJXXXX

The page in question gathers manuals / product guides, so the launch of these new iPad Pro should really happen at any time.