Reflecting: Apple is a conspiracy to change the world [atualizado]

Reflecting: Apple is a conspiracy to change the world [atualizado]

I really like the Nobel Prize in Literature, Orhan Pamuk:

Literature the art of hiding the center.

That sentence makes a lot of sense. In any work of art, book, painting, music, film, the artist who created it aims to deceive you. He puts in front of him a series of instruments to entertain him, but his mission in the background will cause a reflection through symbols, metaphors and analogies that sometimes go unnoticed.

Exactly the same with technology.

Every great technology company built around a truth that is hidden from the audience: something like a "conspiracy" to change the world. Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, talks about this in his book "Zero to One".

The interesting thing, as he points out, is that in a conspiracy when you share your idea you make the recipients your co-conspirators.

Apple is a great example of a conspiracy company that hides the center. Let's look at two examples.

When the first iPod was launched in 2001, it was considered by the press as nothing more than a cute MP3 player and smaller than the others, when in fact Steve Jobs conceived it to be the first portable device of the ps-PC era.

When Jobs took the stage in 2001, his real plan was not just to "put 1,000 songs in his pocket," as he told the audience at the keynote. This is a half-truth told to the masses, in order to make the novelty more tragic.

Imagine what the introduction of the iPod would look like in 2001 if Jobs started by saying, “Good morning, everyone. Today we are going to start a long and elaborate plan to put computers in the pockets of all 7 billion people on planet Earth. ”

Exactly the same thing goes for iPhone, in 2007.

If you ask on the street, few people will say that you agree that the iPhone has changed the world. They will probably not even remember that the iPhone was the first cell phone to have a multi-touch screen or not even remember what the world was like before 2007. They will probably even say that iOS copies Android.

This was another hidden secret from the public. The iPhone was presented by Apple as "The reinvention of the cell phone", which is nothing more than a beautiful phrase to attract the attention of the audience, when in fact its intention to continue executing the plan started in 2001.

Apple's mission to put the computer on the table in our pockets was a well-executed plan, not a series of events that just happened. That's the beauty of technology.

The third part of this plan started in 2001 is called Apple Watch.

And the rest, as they say, history.

Update · 04/27/2016 s 17:29

An example from another company, to illustrate. Jeff Bezos (CEO and cofounder of Amazon) has always been to build an online store that sells absolutely everything. Only he started selling books only, for two reasons: books are easier to pack and, consequently, to distribute. At the time it was not clear to anyone his initial intention. Over the years, the plan has been carried out with surgical precision. The result we see today.