References to New AMD GPUs Point to Possible Arrival of Updated Macs

Codes found on Apple's beta operating systems have always been a good indication of what could be released by the company in the not too distant future? So get ready, as the latest breakthrough of community-linked hackers Hackintosh Good for those hoping to see new Macs introduced by Tim Cook and his class.

References to New AMD GPUs for Macs

The above image shared on the site tonymacx86, shows references to three possible yet unknown new GPUs: Polaris 10, Polaris 12 and Vega 10. Speculation has already begun, of course.

Polaris 10 would be 10XT2, an evolution of the Polaris 10 series currently found in Retina display iMacs; Polaris 12 was, until now, unknown to the public (by reference, the GPUs currently used in the new Touch Bar MacBooks Pro are part of the Polaris 11 series); Some details of the Vega 10 series are already known (it will be, for example, based on AMD's GCN architecture and also known as “Fury Pro”).

It seems that the Vega 10 will be aimed at more powerful desktop machines, such as the Mac Pro, since it has power of 12 teraflops, 16GB of memory and a 230W thermal profile.

It's past time to see new iMacs, Macs mini and Macs Pro being released, that everyone already knows. These references to macOS Sierra 10.12.2, however, are a light at the end of the tunnel for those who were already discredited by Apple's claims to its line of computers. We'll see what's coming in early 2017.

(via AppleInsider)